General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Anna finds Robert lying on the floor with the syringe in his chest.  She pulls it out, while Duke runs to find a doctor.  Robert repeatedly says to Anna “find her” and “she had her”, before he passes out.  When the doctor arrives, they realize Dr. Obrecht gave Robert a large dose of a sedative. The doctor fears he may not be able to help him.  Anna yells at a comatose Robert to come back, because she can’t do this alone. Anna begs the doctor to help Robert. 

Sabrina explains to Lucy she needs her help to fund The Nurses' Ball. She thought Lucy would be interested, since she was the driving force of all the previous balls. Right now, there is no funding and they must rely on private donations. Lucy mentions the Quartermaines, Todd and Sonny, but Sabrina admits they all turned her down. Lucy would love to help, but her money all is tied up. Sabrina brings up Robin's death being the main focus of the ball. Lucy remembers Robin and all her good deeds. Finally, Ms. Coe confesses she can’t fund the ball because the government has frozen all her assets. Later on, Lucy has flashbacks of herself at previous balls. 

Patrick opens the gift from Robin, which is a CD. After some thinking, he works up the courage to play it. The CD contains a message from Robin, taped on last Christmas. She informed Patrick that she was having serious issues with her HIV, and probably wouldn't be around for this Christmas.  She tells him to find someone to make a family with again.  Robin says she truly loves Patrick and always will, but he needs to move on. 

Britt asks Liz out for a drink, but Liz is less than receptive. Britt wonders why Liz is giving her the cold shoulder, and mentions Sabrina. Liz says she and Sabrina are friends.  Britt accuses Sabrina of making a move on Patrick, and Liz feels Sabrina is better for Patrick than Britt will ever be. 

Britt doesn't like Liz's comment, and thinks Sabrina is in over her head with Patrick.  Liz accuses Britt of being mean to Sabrina, and attacking people who are vulnerable.  She calls Britt transparent, and believes Patrick will see right through her.  

Maxie wants to see the embryos, but Ellie refuses to allow her access to the lab. Maxie runs off, and Spin finds her.  She confides in him that the lab reminds her of Robin, and the family she’s lost.  Maxie worries she won’t be in control for the pregnancy, and admits to Spin she almost told Lulu she couldn’t do it.  There's a part of Maxie that thinks she’s only doing this because of Spinelli.

Maxie wonders if the real reason she’s helping Lante is to forget about Spin's rejection. Ellie overhears, as Spin admits he was thrilled to hear Maxie say she loved him. Ellie walks away, before Spin reiterates he's moved on with Elle and sees a future with her. However, he will always care for Maxie. Maxie realizes she wants to go through with the surrogacy for Lulu, and leaves.  Spin discovers Ellie crying, but she storms off before telling him why. 

Patrick calls Britt to come over for a drink.  When she gets there, she gives him the DVD she stole from Liz.  Patrick is thrilled, since it’s the best movie to watch at Christmas.  Patrick apologizes for taking things slow, and Britt claims to know he’s not ready for anything serious yet. 

Liz notices her DVD is missing from her bag.  Sabrina returns from her trip, and informs Liz The Nurses' Ball is off. She wants to break the news to Patrick now, but Liz stops her. Liz tells Sabrina about Patrick's company.

Dr. Obrecht appears with Robin in a new location. Soon, someone arrives and the doctor admits she didn’t know what else to do.  The mystery person turns out to be none other than Jerry Jacks!