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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sabrina’s upset things didn’t pan out with Lucy and The Nurses' Ball.  She and Felix try to tell Patrick the truth, but Britt butts in and mentions Lucy’s financial troubles. She begins to question Sabrina’s success, so Felix lies and claims Lucy will be helping them. 

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Monica thanks Liz for helping AJ.  Liz says she’s in no position to judge, and thinks everyone needs to do better.  Monica also apologizes for her behavior when she found out Jake’s true paternity.   Monica knows there will be struggles with AJ, but believes Liz will be a good influence on him. Monica's comments surprise Liz. 

AJ still wants to attempt to get Carly denounce her authority over Michael’s ELQ trust, in order to best Tracy.  Michael thinks Tracy has done a good job with the company, and wants AJ and Tracy to work together.  AJ claims he doesn’t want to keep Tracy out, and only wishes to be a part of the company. He needs to win over Sam, and insists on visiting her.

Tracy stops by Sam’s to give both her and Danny a Christmas present.  Sam immediately sees through Tracy's facade, and calls her on trying to get the ELQ shares. Tracy feels AJ hasn’t changed, and will run ELQ into the ground if he gains control. She thinks Sam should be interested, since it’s Michael and Danny’s birthright.  Tracy plays the Michael card, and mentions how far Jason went to keep him safe. Tracy wants Sam to sign a proxy over to her. 

Todd admits he was faking the chest pains, and Starr isn't pleased.  Starr realizes Todd lied because he didn’t want her to hear Johnny's confession, and demands to know why. Todd says Johnny is a low life, and he doesn’t want him around Starr.  Starr knows her father is hiding something, and angrily storms off to talk to Johnny. 

Connie wonders if she should finish off Johnny, because he could wake up and ruin everything. Carly leaves a voice message for Todd asking for advice about going to see Johnny, but decides to stop by the penthouse anyway.

Connie shoves Johnny’s body under a table, and opens the door to Carly.  Carly admits Johnny asked her to come over to reveal the truth about his marriage to Connie.  Connie claims Johnny had no choice but to marry her because of all the hot sex.  Carly figures the marriage hasn’t been consummated, because Johnny cringes when Connie is around. 

Carly orders Connie to tell her where Johnny is, but Connie alleges he left with an overnight bag.  Johnny makes a grunt, and Carly hears it. However, Connie quickly deflects Carly's questioning, and Carly leaves without seeing Johnny. 

Lucy visits the Q mansion, and is stunned when Alice doesn't know of her. Alice kicks her out, but Lucy finds the hidden key and lets herself in.  She eavesdrops on AJ and Michael’s conversation, and Alice catches her. Alice demands Lucy leave, just as Monica arrives.  Lucy says she came to pay her respects to Edward, but asks about the will.  Monica informs Lucy there was nothing left to her.  Lucy reminds Monica that she has 1 % of the company, but Monica throws her out nonetheless.  Alice asks about Lucy, and Monica warns she is nothing but trouble.

Sabrina doesn't like Felix lying about the status of The Nurses' Ball. Liz expresses her sympathy about things not working out with Lucy. Sabrina decides she needs to tell Patrick the truth, and Liz agrees.    

Michael and AJ arrive at Sam’s, and AJ begs her not to sign Tracy’s papers.  Tracy accuses AJ of causing problems between Michael and his parents, and calls AJ a sperm donor only.  AJ retaliates by saying Tracy hasn’t heard from Dillon lately.  Sam gets tired of the fighting, and signs over 9% to each of them.  AJ knows Sam's bold move leaves the ELQ share race deadlocked at 50%. 

Todd calls Connie to warn her about Starr's incoming visit to Johnny.  Connie affirms Johnny won’t be a problem anymore. 

Sabrina is about to confess the truth to Patrick, when Lucy arrives.  She’s thrilled to see Liz and meet Patrick. She offers her condolences to Patrick about Robin.  Lucy declares they have a party to throw.