REPORT: ABC Gives Prospect Park Additional Time to Reboot All My Children and One Life to Live; Will It Be at General Hospital's Expense?

Someone leaking Prospect Park's renewed interest in rebooting All My Children and One Life to Live to the mainstream entertainment media has apparently worked in the production company's favor. I'm hearing that ABC has in fact granted Prospect Park an extension on their license agreement. Whereas PP originally had to get production of AMC and OLTL off the ground by the end of January 2013, they reportedly now have until the end of February.


The question is, if PP is successful in relaunching specifically OLTL, what would that mean for the characters of Todd Manning (Roger Howarth), John McBain (Michael Easton) and Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson), all currently part of the General Hospital cast of characters?

"Prospect Park has the option to give General Hospital notice to cease using those characters," explains an insider.

Say what? Say huh? Would ABC really allow a production company that hasn't proven successful in relaunching two defunct daytime dramas on the web, to stop their remaining daytime soap from continuing to benefit from the ratings boon the OLTL characters have helped bring about at GH?

"ABC doesn't really make any money on [All My Children and One Life to Live] unless Prospect Park goes into production with them, and eventually airs them," says a network mole. "They benefit if Prospect Park is successful, because that's when the healthy licensing fees would kick in."

Sounds like Mickey Mouse wants to cut off his cartoon nose to spite his face. It would be insane for ABC to even consider letting Prospect Park have the characters of Todd, McBain and Starr back. First off, the actors—who are under contract with ABC—likely wouldn't want to leave their cushy gigs on GH for an untested project.

Howarth specifically has become integral to GH's success. The actor and his character test through the roof with focus groups! Here's hoping Vicki Dummer continues to prove she's much smarter than Brian Frons by not letting this madness happen.

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