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SPOILERS: Jack Hits Rock Bottom on The Young and the Restless

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Jack: Old Smilin’ gets an intervention courtesy of Neil. Neil knows all the signs of addiction, since he had his own problems with booze in the past.  Neil, along with Billy, Kyle and Phyllis confront Jack about his abundance of pill bottles. Jack is not pleased with the four of them, especially with Phyllis. Jack flips and fires all of them, including Adam.

Later on New Year's Eve, Jack heads out for some fun, which includes popping pills and chasing it down with booze. He spots a redhead at the bar and assumes its Phyllis. However, it turns out to be some random chick named Stephanie. The two soon engage in some private entertainment.

The day after, Jack wakes up horrified to discover Stephanie dead next to him in a motel room! A freaked out Jack calls Adam for help. Adam heads over and informs Jack that a news van is outside. The two wonder if the whole thing was a setup by Victor. Adam comes up with a plan for Jack to fake a heart attack. The two believe once the ambulance arrives, the news van will follow. This gives Adam time to clean up the motel room, and get rid of anything linking Jack to Stephanie.

Adam finally persuades Jack to enter rehab, but agrees to tell the public he is being treated for a heart attack if anyone asks about his absence. Look for Jack to be troubled by the events surrounding Stephanie's murder.

Victor: Mr. Mumbles and Jack have a heated confrontation. Later, Victor uses his influence to get information from Mason.

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Adam/Chelsea: A down in the dumps Mrs. Newman dusts herself off and flies solo on New Year's Eve. Chelsea bumps into Genoa City's newest resident Alex, and the two hit it off. The pair starts to flirt a bit, but Chelsea decides to head home before things get too hot. Chelsea returns home and is surprised to discover Adam has set up a romantic dinner for them. The Black sheep Newman pleads with his wife to give him one more chance. Chelsea concedes, but not without asking for something in return. She wants Adam to leave Genoa City with her. Chelsea thinks Genoa City has corrupted Adam (who you telling!) and his family. She cites Sharon as the main reason for his constant dark turns.

Adam agrees to leave town with Chelsea, and the Newmans decide to set up shop in Europe. Later, Adam gets a frantic call from Jack needing his help. Meanwhile, Chelsea tells Chloe all about the fresh start she and Adam will have, but Chloe cautions her pal that taking Adam back is not a smart move.

When Chelsea and Adam meet up, Chelsea is stunned when he informs her they can't leave Genoa City just yet. Adam tells Chelsea he has to run Newman Enterprises, causing Chelsea to lose it. She angrily tells her hubby he’s once again placing something else ahead of their marriage. Will Chelsea stick around?

Billy: The Abbott playboy tells his wife he has taken up Jack's offer to work at Newman Enterprises.

Sharon: She makes a decision surrounding a job offer at Newman Enterprises.

Noah: Adriana asks him for some assistance.

Kevin: He clues in Chloe on his plans with the stolen money. The Fishers bask in their newfound fortune.

Phyllis: Red says goodbye to Daniel.