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SPOILERS: Another Deadly Crash DEVASTATES Port Charles on General Hospital!

I am really beginning to think Port Charles, New York must not require Drivers' Ed. Yet another in a long line of fatal car accidents will rip apart the lives of the townsfolk the first week of 2013. Happy New Year, General Hospital fans!

Crash Bash: Young adult lovebirds traveling to or fro Port Charles should really consider air travel. Trey (Erik Valdez), Kristina (Lindsey Morgan), Michael (Chad Duell) and Starr (Kristen Alderson)  will be involved in a car accident with loopy Connie (Kelly Sullivan), who has Johnny (Brandon Barash) in her trunk! Look for Ellie (Emily Wilson) to play an integral role in the accident. One of the aforementioned won't survive...


Will The Truth Set Starr Free?:  Following the events of the crash—and with Connie's life hanging quite literally in the balance—Starr finds out who actually killed her family. Will she ever be able to forgive Johnny?

An Affair (For Two Geeks) to Remember: Will Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) ring in the New Year with a healthy dose of heartache? Ellie is supposed to meet him on the roof of General Hospital, if she wants to continue their goofy affair. Considering she will be otherwise occupied (see above), could Spin get the wrong idea, and head straight for Maxie (Kristen Storms)? Look for a shocking turn of events involving Spixie, Lante, a dog and a baby.

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