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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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It's New Year’s Eve in Port Charles, and the townspeople are busy preparing for midnight. Sabrina arrives at Patrick's to babysit Emma for the night. Milo is helping Spinelli prepare for his date with Ellie on the hospital rooftop.  Lulu checks in on Maxie, who reassures her everything is fine. Olivia has another vision of the puppy, this time sitting on the bar at The Haunted Star.   Michael takes Starr to the hospital, and Britt agrees to run some tests to check for head trauma.

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Michael calls Dante to inform him Connie attacked Starr, and took off with Johnny in her trunk.  Dante puts out an APB on Connie, and updates Olivia and Lulu on the situation.

Trey tells Connie he’s leaving town, and she admits to doing the same. Before Connie can leave, Kristina hears mysterious noises coming from the trunk of her car. Connie claims it’s just mice, but Trey asks her to open the trunk anyway.

Maxie’s surprised to see Ellie hanging around the apartment.  Ellie declares she and Spin are through, because she doesn’t come first with him.  Maxie apologizes for taking Spin away on Christmas Eve, but admits Spin is the happiest she’s seen him in years. She doesn’t want Ellie to leave Spin hanging.  Ellie decides she’ll meet Spin for the date.

Spin worries Ellie won't show for their date, but Milo tries to convince him otherwise.  Milo agrees to help show Spin some moves, while Spin gets drunk on Peppermint Schnapps. 

Todd wonders why Carly invited him to celebrate at The Haunted Star, since it’s Johnny’s place.   Carly wants Johnny to see that she’s moved on with a new man.  Todd is perfectly fine with her using him to get to Johnny.   

Emma’s thrilled to be hanging out with Sabrina, but worries about Britt becoming her new mommy. She confesses to not liking the doctor, and would prefer Sabrina take on the mother role.   Sabrina says Robin was a wonderful person, but she can’t take her place. 

Carly congratulates Lulu on the baby news.  Dante inform Todd of Connie's attack on Starr, and kidnapping of Johnny.   Todd checks in with Starr, who assures her father she's fine. She also makes him promise not to go after Connie. Carly’s upset she didn’t realize Connie was lying about Johnny not being home. Todd mentions being over Blair, and asks Carly to look forward to the future with him. 

Connie pretends she can’t open the trunk and jumps into the car, as Michael and Starr arrive.  Connie takes off, and Starr realizes Johnny is in the trunk. The four quickly follow Connie, in an effort to rescue Johnny. As they try to catch up to Connie, Starr mentions they’re traveling on the same road where she lost her family. 

Patrick congratulates Lulu on the pregnancy.  Dante asks Olivia about the vision, and she becomes upset over seeing the dog again. 

Ellie has car trouble, and difficulty getting her cell phone to work. 

Maxie hears noises at her door, and opens it to find the puppy. Maxie tries to find the owner, but the dog runs in and sits on the couch. Maxie trips on her carpet, and falls. She attempts to get up, but experiences some pain. She worries, and heads to the hospital. Britt examines her and determines she's had a miscarriage.

Ellie is walking in the middle of the street, when Connie's car comes flying around the curve.  Ellie panics when Connie's car heads straight for her. Suddenly, Connie crashes her car, as does Michael and the rest of the group behind her.