General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Britt explains to Maxie that she lost the baby. Maxie is concerned about her fall, but Britt assures her the embryo simply wasn’t viable. 

Spinelli angrily leaves a voice message for Ellie, complaining that she didn’t show up for their New Year's Eve date.  Maxie arrives on the roof, having forgotten about their plans. She's surprised to hear Ellie never showed up and starts to cry, saying she’s messed up everything. Spin assures her everything will be fine and takes her home. 

Everyone in Michael’s car wakes up from the crash. Starr begs Michael to get Johnny out of Connie’s trunk. She later finds Connie dangling from the side of a cliff, barely holding on. No one sees or hears Ellie lying a little further out. Starr refuses to help Connie, blaming her for Cole and Hope’s deaths.  Michael manages to get Johnny out of the trunk, then goes back for Kristina. Trey revives an unconscious Kristina by performing CPR. 

Starr wants to let Connie fall, but Johnny begs her not to. He says Connie didn’t kill Cole and Hope — he did! Johnny helps Connie up, just before a furious Starr smacks Johnny in the face. 

Lulu wants to wish Maxie a happy New Year, but can't reach her by phone. She and Dante head over to Maxie's apartment, only to find no sign of Maxie, and the door ajar. When Lulu finds Maxie's phone she realizes something must be wrong.   

Britt calls Patrick, interrupting his almost kiss with Sabrina. She apologizes for standing him up and decides to head over. Patrick asks Sabrina not to leave yet, so she’s there when Britt arrives, naked under her coat. 


Britt forces Sabrina to leave. She wants Patrick all to herself. The two kiss and Britt tells him that she’s naked under the coat.  Patrick says Emma is a light sleeper and isn't ready to see Britt in the morning. He promises  the next time Britt gets a hotel room; he’ll be ready for her. 

Todd and Carly share a toast and Todd’s concerned about Starr.  Carly kisses him to distract him. The two head to his hotel room. She asks if he’s over Blair.Todd assures her he and his ex are done. He asks about Johnny. Carly claims they are over. She wants a new start. The new couple begins to make love. 

Maxie and Spinelli arrive at her apartment to find a concerned Lulu and Dante. Maxie explains about the dog, tripping and going to the hospital. Lulu asks if the baby is okay. When Maxie hesitates, Spin jumps in and claims everything is fine. Maxie doesn’t correct him.  Lulu is thrilled. Maxie secretly worries how she will tell them the truth about their baby. 

Spinelli sees Maxie crying and hugs her. The two begin to kiss.

Connie asks about the girl that she hit, just as Michael finds Ellie’s phone and then Ellie.  Trey collapses.