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SPOILERS: Will All of General Hospital's Horses and All Their Men Be Able to Put Trey's Head Back Together Again?


Will the truth set Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) free from her diabolical daddy on General Hospital? Doubtful. Check out next week's GH spoilers after the jump!

Todd and Johnny make peculiar cellmates: Now that Starr knows Johnny (Brandon Barash) was responsible for the death of her loved ones, there's nothing stopping Mr. Zacchara from dropping a dime on Todd (Roger Howarth) for switching Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Tea's (Florencia Lozano) babies. As Todd and Johnny are carted off to the PCPD next week, one question remains: Will Starr and Carly (Laura Wright) ever be able to forgive them?

Trey's got a headache THIS big: An aneurysm ruptures in the budding filmmaker's dome, resulting in him being declared brain dead. Look for Connie's (Kelly Sullivan) long-dormant maternal instincts to kick in. Trick will show up at Port Charles General Hospital demanding the docs save her tyke's life! Too little, too late, sisterfriend.

Carly has some 'splainin to do: We all know how much Carly hates being proven wrong. When she learns Todd did knowingly rob her best friend Jason (Steve Burton) of months with his son, she heads off to see Sam (Kelly Monaco). Will Mrs. Morgan accept an apology from her missing hubby's BFF?

Ellie, Spinelli and Putting Something Back in Maxie's Belly: Okay, so Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) thought Ellie (Emily Watson) stood him up on New Year's Eve, so of course he decided to get busy with a freshly-miscarried Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Sidenote: Is that sanitary, not to mention medically sound?

What Spin didn't realize is that his nerdy gal pal was lying dead down Old Decatur Road, following a bloody battle with carpetbaggers. Wait, that was Mister Kennedy in Gone With The Wind. Ellie was mowed down like a stray blade of grass by Cuckoo Connie! Look for Ellie to come through her surgery alright, but not in time to stop her man from doing a little penetrating elsewhere.

Let's SKate Awhile: Sonny (Maurice Benard) is there for a frazzled and guilty Connie next week. Will this mean he's actually getting through to Kate Howard? Look for the Dimpled Don to ask his boy Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) not to throw the book at the blonde fruit loop.

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Father and Son vs. Auntie Dearest: Michael (Chad Duell) agrees to help AJ (Sean Kanan) do whatever is necessary to oust Tracy (Jane Elliot) from ELQ. Tell her there's a sale on pantsuits at Wyndham's, and that will keep her out of the office for weeks!

Scarface is Pissed: Nothing encourages Todd to transition from making charming-if-slightly-antisocial-remarks, to plotting murder, like someone effing with his relationship with Starr. Looks like Johnny will need his pillow fluffed...

Never Been Kissed: Betty and Daniel will be awkward with one another, after almost kissing at Mode's New Year's Eve party. Whoops, wrong set of fictional character again. What I meant to say, er, type is that McDreamy and Meredith will be awkward with one another, after almost kissing at Seattle Grace's New Year's Eve party. Still no? Okay, Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) will know the rest!

John McBain in 'The Grief Counselor': John (Michael Easton) tries to get Sam (Kelly Monaco) to accept that Jason has gone on to the Black T-Shirt Close-Out Sale in the Sky.

Luke Makes Contact: Tony Geary returns for the actual two months out of the year he appears on General Hospital next Wednesday. Luke will phone home to Anna (Finola Hughes), as guns blaze in the background. Meanwhile, Duke (Ian Buchanan) learns what shocking fate has befallen Scorpio (Tristan Rogers). 

Connie and AJ, Sitting in a Gutter: Help me, Soap Jesus. Connie's silly behind is going to try to get AJ drunk next week.

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