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SPOILERS: Will Jack Spill The Beans to Phyllis on The Young and the Restless?


Jack/Phyllis: The pair travels to the Abbott cabin in order to help Old Smilin' detox in private, under the care of Jack's doctor. Unfortunately, the good doctor can't make it to the cabin until the following day. Phyllis convinces Jack that they can undertake the detox process together, despite Jack's insistence to wait for the doctor to arrive.

Later, Jack's withdrawal symptoms begin to take a toll on him, and he starts to think Phyllis is Stephanie! Jack screams at "Stephanie", and asks why she died. A shocked Phyllis looks on in horror.

Once Jack's symptoms are under control, he quickly regains his sanity. However, Red starts to ask him about Stephanie and her unfortunate demise. Jack feigns his earlier comments about the deceased were due to the detox playing tricks on his mind. Phyllis buys Jack's excuse for a moment, but it all changes when he drifts off to sleep.

Jack talks in his sleep about Stephanie, and Phyllis overhears. A determined Phyllis grills Jack once he awakes, but he clams up. As the detox process intensifies for Jack, he begs Phyllis to leave. He doesn't want her to see him that way. Phyllis rejects Jack's pleas, and stays put. She is hell bent on helping Jack get clean.

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