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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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At the crash site, Starr and Michael try to help Ellie, who informs them she can’t move.  Kristina calls Johnny over to check on an unconscious Trey.  Johnny wants to go find help, but Connie doesn't think Johnny should leave due to his earlier confession. Johnny thinks Connie should focus on her son, who could potentially be dying.

Basking in the afterglow, Carly is happy, but wonders what it all means.  Todd claims it wasn’t just an urge, so Carly asks what’s next.  Todd wishes to know what she wants, because he can’t believe she’d actually want him. Todd expresses his desire to move things forward with her, but Carly seems a bit reserved.

Steve and Olivia are in bed, when he says he has something to ask her.  Steve knows he wants to be with Olivia forever, and pulls out an engagement ring. He proposes, and Olivia asks if he’s ready to let go of his bachelorhood. Steve assures her that he's ready, and she accepts his proposal.

Lulu feels guilty she and Dante are so happy, while Maxie lives like a nun.  Dante tells her to stop worrying, because everything is fine. Before the couple can continue their conversation, Michael calls Dante about the accident. 

Spinelli and Maxie fall into old habits and make love. After, Spin immediately regrets what just transpired.   He apologizes and worries they may have hurt the baby.  Maxie tells him she's sure their lovemaking didn't harm the baby.

Sabrina gives Liz a run down of her New Year’s Eve with Patrick, including Britt's naked arrival to Patrick's house. Before Liz can comment, she receives a call about the accident and leaves to prepare. Steve gets a similar call, and does the same.

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Starr asks Johnny if he was telling the truth, and Johnny admits again he caused the accident.  Starr wonders why Connie went along with the lie, and claims they deserve each other. 

The paramedics take Ellie and Trey to the hospital.  Connie tries to take off, but her car won’t start.  She tries to walk off instead, but Dante catches her. She plays innocent, until Dante says he knows she abducted Johnny.  Connie makes up a story about driving Johnny to the police station, because he confessed to murdering Starr's family. Dante doesn't buy her story for a second, and has her handcuffed to a car on the scene. 

At the hospital, Liz drags Johnny off for stitches, while the medical team works on Ellie and Trey.  Michael calls Carly to inform her that he and Starr have been in an accident, but they're okay.  Johnny begs Starr for a chance to explain. He claims he tried to make things up to her, but Starr isn't having it. She shouts that he is responsible for murdering her family, and cannot make up for it.

Johnny admits he bought her recording contract, in hopes of helping her heal.  Starr tells him it is impossible to heal once you've lost a child. She feels an ache everyday that will never go away. Michael is angry Johnny pretended to be Starr’s friend.  Starr hates Johnny for robbing her of her family.

Sabrina leaves a voice message for Spin from Ellie’s phone, which Spin ignores.  Maxie advises him to call Ellie back, but Spin wonders what Maxie was going to tell him earlier.  Maxie confesses she had a miscarriage, but Spinelli is fast asleep. 

Olivia stops by Lulu’s to tell her she and Steve are engaged.  Both women are thrilled their family is expanding so quickly. 

Connie manages to escape from police custody, and heads to the hospital to check on Trey.  She stands in the room and watches, as Trey flatlines. Steve desperately tries to revive him. 

Dante arrives at the hospital, and Johnny admits to causing the accident, which killed Starr's family.  Carly and Todd show up, and Starr informs them of Johnny's misdeeds. Carly is floored to hear Johnny is the culprit. Johnny swears he tried to tell Carly a million times, but something always stopped him. Carly wonders why Connie would cover for Johnny. She quickly begins to become angry and hurt over Johnny’s lies.

Johnny claims he never lied about loving her, and declares he never meant to hurt any innocent people.  Carly regrets her time with Johnny, and is glad she’s moved on with Todd.  Johnny believes she’s only going from one criminal to another, but Carly thinks Todd is honest.  Johnny asks Todd if he's bared his soul yet. Carly seems confused by the comment, and asks Johnny to elaborate. He only wants to know if he or Todd should tell the Carly the truth.