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Jhoanna Flores’ Adriana is "Bad News" for Noah on The Young and the Restless

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Jhoanna Flores made her debut as Adriana Stone on The Young and the Restless on January 4. In an interview with, the Greek grad teases the trouble she’ll be causing Noah Newman (Robert Adamson).

On playing Adriana Stone…

She’s just bad news. She’s from Noah’s past and she kind of comes back with some trouble under her sleeve. You don’t really know what her true motives are. [She’s] seductive, manipulative, and she’s just after Noah.

At first, you see trouble and manipulation towards Noah. They are in each other’s past, and Noah is just so forgiving towards her. You definitely see those moments where she [realizes], “Wow, he really cares about me.” You will see some of that throughout my character.

At the beginning, I’m expecting for most girls who have huge crushes on Robert’s character to hate me. I’m already waiting for it because I know [Y&R has] a huge fan base. And they are not going to like me at first.

What did you think of Flores' debut as Adriana? Read the entire interview at

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