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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Connie and Kristina worry, as Steve and Liz desperately attempt to save Trey. However, when Connie and Kris begin fighting, they get distracted. Liz tries to break them up, but Steve puts a stop to everything when he eventually tosses them both out.

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Starr’s upset Johnny has been lying to her for months. She was even starting to feel sorry for him, because she could see the pain in his eyes.  Michael comforts her, but his attitude changes when Starr mentions Connie. He’s quick to point out Connie is far from innocent, and thinks she should not to feel sorry for her.  Starr feels like the pain from the day of the accident is returning, and Michael wants her to go home and rest. Starr refuses, because they have to be there for Trey.

Alexis and Shawn are enjoying some quality time together, when Kristina calls to inform them of the accident.  

A drunken Sonny dreams Kate has come back to him.  He wakes up to find himself alone, until Alexis phones and asks him to meet her at the hospital. 

Carly calls Johnny a liar and a hypocrite for trying to place blame on Todd as well.  She starts to walk away, but stops when Johnny admits Todd knew the truth all along. He continues, and states they were blackmailing each other, since Todd knowingly switched the babies.  Carly doesn’t believe him, until Johnny recalls what his goons saw on that very day. Todd tries to deny it, but Carly sees through the lies. 

In the waiting room, Kris is angry with Connie for making things worse.  Connie declares she’s Trey’s mother.  Kris says Connie is supposed to care for Trey, and Connie claims Kris knows nothing about her feelings for her son.   Connie doesn’t believe Kristina’s declaration of love for Trey. In turn, Kris blames Connie for causing the accident.  The two struggle until Alexis and Sonny show up and separate them.

Kristina updates her parents on Trey’s condition, and Alexis takes her away.  Sonny puts his differences aside with Connie for a second, and checks to see how she's doing. Connie sobs they wouldn’t let her see Trey and hugs Sonny. She asks him not to let her go.  He calls her Kate, and she becomes enraged. She wonders how he could think she wouldn’t have the same feelings as Kate for her son, and storms off. 

Carly begins to walk away, but Todd stops her.  She tells him she would have forgiven him if she’d known the truth about the baby switch. However, he wasn’t honest with her, and that changes everything.  Todd remembers he told her he wasn’t a good person. Carly understands, but it doesn’t change the fact he lied to her face. She feels like an idiot for believing in him, and pouring her heart out.  Todd calls Carly the first friend he’s had, and wants to make it up to her. 

Carly asks what Starr would think if she knew Todd was hiding the truth, and did nothing.  Starr overhears, and demands to know if her father knew the entire time.  Todd says he can explain, but Starr storms off.  Michael is upset on Starr’s behalf.  Todd tells Carly that Johnny was going to send him to prison with his knowledge. 

Dante asks about Anthony, and Johnny promises to tell him everything. Dante arrests Todd, as well as Johnny, and takes them both down to the station.  At the station, he places the men in the same cell, despite Johnny’s protests.  Todd claims Johnny always wanted to be a martyr, and shed his guilt. Todd wonders why he was dragged down with Johnny. 

Starr and Michael check on Trey, but Liz kicks them out.  Kristina and Connie return, as Steve emerges from the room. He informs the women that Trey has passed away.