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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick explains Steve did everything he could, but Trey suffered a brain aneurysm. Unfortunately, he is brain dead and on life support. Connie demands Patrick try again with Trey, but Patrick informs her his condition is irreversible. Patrick admits there is no way to know if the accident caused the aneurysm, or if it was already an issue. Connie yells at him again to help Trey before storming off.

Sam leaves a voice message for Spin, as Carly arrives to tell Sam she was right about Todd and the baby switch. She explains Johnny and Todd’s connection, and Sam is ready to give both of them a piece of her mind. Carly informs her not to bother, because they're already in jail. Carly confesses she made a mistake by sleeping with Todd, and Sam says she tried to warn her. Carly is upset Todd made a fool of her.

Sam believes Carly saw herself in Todd.  Carly admits she came because of Jason, and still can't believe he's gone.  Sam angrily retorts Jason is not gone, but Carly says Jason is dead.  Sam is trying to find Jason, and thinks whoever shot him could be holding him captive. Carly reminds Sam that Jason isn’t immortal. She feels Sam needs to face the truth about Jason.  A tearful Sam mentions a body was never found, therefore Jason can't be dead. Carly tells Sam she's lying to herself, and needs to accept Jason’s death.  Sam orders Carly to leave.

Todd tries to smother Johnny with a pillow, until Dante comes in to check on them.  Dante warns them to play nice before heading back out.  Johnny informs Todd that killing him won't save him from prison.  Todd wants Johnny to help him stay out of prison, and Johnny agrees, but only under one condition. Johnny wants Carly back.

Todd informs Johnny that Carly is not his to give, and brings up their connection. He doesn’t want Starr to lose him after what happened with Cole and Hope. Todd feels Johnny should show some compassion for Starr, and call off his minions.

Spin wakes up and slowly remembers the events of the previous evening.  He wonders about Ellie, but Maxie says she didn’t come home last night.  Spin apologizes for taking advantage of Maxie, but she knows it was just a drunken one-night stand.  Spin thinks there's something special about the way he and Maxie always end up together.  He wonders if he’s destined to be with Maxie.  In turn, Maxie runs off to compose herself.

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Ellie wonders about Spin's whereabouts, and hears the message he left her.  She’s upset Spin thinks she stood him up.  

Sonny’s trying to offer his condolences to Connie, when Dante arrives to arrest her. Sonny asks Dante to wait, considering Trey’s condition.  Dante lists all of Connie’s crimes, and knows she needs to pay. Dante tells them if Trey dies as a result of Connie’s accident, she’ll be going away for a long time.  Dante doesn’t believe Connie’s sudden concern for her son, and thinks it’s all an act.  Sonny begs for extra time, until Dante mentions Johnny confessed to killing Starr’s family.

Sonny confronts Connie about Kate believing she committed the crime. Connie doesn't answer him, but says she needed to blackmail Johnny for his help.  Connie becomes angry Sonny’s concern is more for Kate. 

Dante wonders why Sonny is standing by Connie in this situation. Sonny confesses he understands Connie’s feelings for Trey. Dante gives in and allows Connie to have rest of the day to sort out her feelings. Connie doesn’t want Sonny’s help in smoothing things over.  She blames herself for Trey’s injuries.  Connie left Trey as a baby, and knows she needs to step up for him now.

Starr sits and talks to Trey.  

Diane shows up at the station for Johnny, and informs Todd she’ll be back for him later.  She warns Johnny to keep his mouth shut from now on.  Carly stops by to visit Todd.

Spinelli listens to his voice mail, and finds out Ellie is in the hospital. He tells Maxie he’s going to the hospital, and runs out.  Maxie calls Dante to meet her with Lulu.

Spinelli sits with Ellie, who swears she was on her way to the roof. She needs him to believe she wants to be with him.  Ellie is sad he was alone on the roof, and Spin admits that wasn't the case.

Patrick tells Michael they need Trey’s next of kin to make the decision to turn off the machines.  Michael explains Connie is the only family Trey has left.  Patrick says it’s her decision.  Connie refuses to give up on her son again.