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Was Deception’s Premiere Delicious or Did it Fail to Deliver?

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NBC premiered it’s new primetime soap Deception last night. The series centers around Detective Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good), who returns to her childhood home to investigate the murder of her best friend Vivian Bowers (Bree Williamson).

While not as strong out of the box as say Revenge or Scandal, Deception had several things working for it. The Julian (Wes Brown), Joanna and Will (Laz Alonso) triangle has potential. I kept wavering between which love interest I’d rather see Joanna with. 

After not being particularly enchanted with Ella Rae Peck on Gossip Girl as Lola Rhodes, I found myself really enjoying Mia’s teen angst. Deception did have some weaknesses; I thought it was a bit slow and several actors did their share of scenery-chewing, but I’ll be giving the new soap a chance.

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What did you think of Deception’s premiere?