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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna finally reaches Luke, who’s still in the Turkish prison, but has been allowed phone privileges.  She updates him on fake Duke, Faison and Robert being drugged. 

Patrick wants to discuss New Year’s Eve with Sabrina, and Britt overhears about the almost kiss.  When Patrick leaves to check on Ellie’s test results, Britt confronts Sabrina. Britt tells Sabrina that Patrick was mortified about the almost kiss, and it could cause trouble for him if Monica found out.  Britt advises Sabrina to distance herself from Patrick. 

Spinelli admits he was with Maxie after Ellie didn’t show up, and she’s relieved he wasn’t alone.  Before Spin has a chance to confess his sin, Patrick comes in to examine Ellie.  Patrick touches her feet with a medical instrument, but she doesn’t feel it. She begins to panic, and Patrick explains the accident caused a spinal injury. Unfortunately, she may be paralyzed from the waist down.  Patrick assures Ellie they’ll reassess her condition in a few weeks when the swelling has gone down. 

Lulu and Dante arrive at the apartment per Maxie’s summons.  Before she has a chance to tell them about the baby, Lulu gets a call from Luke. He informs her of his current prison situation, and Lulu tells him about the baby. Luke becomes distracted by a disturbance at the prison, and the call is disconnected. 

Sam begs for a sign from Jason, when John McBain shows up at her door.  She questions him about being MIA lately, and John explains about Faison and Switzerland.  John informs Sam he knows who shot Jason.  John tells her Faison shot Jason, and dumped him in the harbor. He even watched him sink like a rock.  John is now certain that if the bullet didn’t kill Jason, the water did.  Sam thinks Faison may know more, but John feels Faison would have used the information to help himself.  Sam wonders about the body, but John says it could have washed up anywhere. 

Carly asks Todd to be honest about the baby switch. Todd obliges, and explains exactly what happened. Carly believes he took the easy way out, and left Sam behind with a dead baby and Heather Webber.  Todd begs for her understanding.  Carly feels Todd humiliated her. Todd claims the only reason he lied was because he didn't think she would have forgiven him. He wanted more time with her, and didn’t want to lose her.   He asks Carly’s forgiveness.

Todd pulls Carly closer and kisses her forehead. Todd tells Carly she’s important to him.  Carly can’t get over all the time Jason lost with his son due to Todd's actions.  Todd mentions he still thought Franco was the father at the time. Carly asks if he knew the truth about the paternity before Sam. Todd is forced to admit that he did.  Carly decides she’s done with him. She calls Todd a horrible person, and defriends him.

Robert’s doctor informs Anna that Robert is comatose, and his brain may have been deprived of oxygen. The doctor is unsure Robert will ever recover.  Anna speaks to Duke and declares Robert won’t die, because he's too mean and she needs him. Anna’s upset everything could have been avoided if she had just listened to Robert in the first place. 

When Duke touches her, she recoils. Anna quickly apologizes, but Duke understands she still sees Faison when she looks at him.  Anna asks for Duke's patience in this difficult time.

Lulu and Dante decide to go to Turkey to find Luke, but are concerned about Maxie.  She reassures them she’s fine, and wishes them luck on finding Luke. 

Ellie’s glad she has Spin to help her though her paralysis.  He promises they’ll deal with everything together.

Sabrina tells Patrick that due to her other priorities, she won't be able to baby-sit Emma anymore. 

Sam admits out loud Jason is gone and never coming back.  She and John share a tearful hug. 

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