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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis spots AJ attempting to enter Trey’s room, and tells him to stay away from Kristina.  AJ claims he’s only there to see Michael.  Alexis thinks he’s meddling with Michael’s life, and feels Sonny is the better father.  Michael overhears Alexis accuse AJ of still being a vindictive, petty coward.  Michael quickly breaks up the argument. 

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AJ is ready to remove Tracy as CEO, with Michael and Lucy’s help.  Michael signs the papers, which gives AJ his shares.  AJ is happy Michael believes in him, and vows they’ll run ELQ together. 

Lucy runs into Mac at The Floating Rib, and the two make small talk until Tracy joins them.  Tracy gives Lucy papers that state ELQ will buy out CoeCoe Cosmetics and underwrite the Nurses’ Ball, in exchange for Lucy’s share.  In this case, Lucy doesn’t want a bail out. She would rather be CEO of ELQ.  When Tracy balks at Lucy's proposition, Lucy threatens to give AJ the share. 

Connie wants to be let out of lockup, and is not amused when Sonny appears.  He offers to pay her bail, which makes Connie suspicious. She thinks he wants something in return. Connie tells him she refuses to pull the plug and end Trey’s life.  Connie asks what Sonny would do if it were Michael, but Sonny says the situations are different. He points out Trey is trapped in his body, and only being kept alive by machines.  He promises to stay with her. 

Britt wonders what’s bothering Patrick, and he explains the Sabrina situation. He wants to talk to her again.  Britt disagrees, and convinces Patrick to leave it alone. She assures him little Emma will get over it.  When Patrick heads into the shower, Britt joins him. 

Sabrina updates Liz on her earlier conversation with Britt, and Liz quickly realizes Britt made everything up. Liz coaxes Sabrina into having another talk with Patrick. Sabrina heads to the locker room, and sees Patrick and Britt in the shower. 

AJ runs into Liz at the Nurse’s Ball meeting, and she mentions Monica suggesting she become his friend.  AJ apologizes, but Liz says everyone could use a friend. AJ informs her ELQ is picking up the tab for the ball.   

Tracy and Lucy arrive, and tell everyone Lucy signed Tracy's agreement. AJ has lost the battle.  AJ shouts the FCC will bring down Tracy and Lucy, but Tracy claims her record is flawless.  Lucy points out AJ’s charges were dropped, but he was never acquitted. She felt Tracy presented the better package.  AJ declares he will double Tracy’s offer, but Lucy turns him down.  AJ angrily says Tracy will ruin the company and storms off.  Lucy announces the Nurse’s Ball is a go, thanks to Tracy check. 

Sonny and Connie show up at the hospital, due to Sonny posting Connie's bail.  Kristina is angry to see them, because Connie is the one who caused the accident. She knows Connie doesn’t care about Trey.  Connie agrees to turn off Trey's machines, because it's the right the to do. She asks for some alone time with her son, before ending his life.

Alexis and Kristina head off to get the paperwork.  Michael asks Sonny how he got Connie to change her mind.  Sonny understands how she feels, but worries what will happen when Kate returns and her son is dead.

Connie talks to Trey, and apologizes for the past.  She grabs his hand, and is surprised it’s warm.  She feels she can't let him die, and sneaks out.  Alexis and Kristina return with the paperwork, and soon discover Connie is gone.

AJ ends up at The Floating Rib looking longingly at a bottle.  Connie arrives, and offers to buy him a drink.