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Chelsea Gives Chloe Money Laundering Lessons on The Young and the Restless

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Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) took Victor (Eric Braeden) to task for his plan to use Jack’s (Peter Bergman) addiction to regain control of Newman Enterprises.

Later, Adam (Michael Muhney) found Victor and revealed to his dear old daddy what had happened with the dead prostitute. Adam and Victor quickly started conspiring against Jack, or at least that’s what Adam wanted Victor to think. Adam said he can’t afford a scandal as CEO. Victor, seeing a way to get around Nikki, told his son to go to the press. After Adam left Victor, he received a call from Jack. Adam told Jack he’d needed to find out what Victor knew.

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Honestly, for much of the episode, I wasn’t sure whose side Adam was actually on until the very end. I suppose that’s a good thing from a writer’s standpoint. I was very happy at the end when Adam swore Victor would never get Newman back. 

At the cabin, Jack woke up from his terrible night of withdrawals to find Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) watching over him. She told him how he’d screamed out the name Stephanie. She asked if Stephanie was his drug dealer

Detective Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio) confronted Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) with the fact that “The Cleaner” had called Kevin. Both tried to cover, but Chavez called their bluff by saying their skills at lying to police was as good as their coffee.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) later confided in Chloe that she felt she and Adam would never leave Genoa City. Chloe shared with Chelsea everything concerning the mob money. Chelsea quickly told Chloe they shouldn’t give the money back, because it was her and Kevin’s score. She also said she would help them and knew exactly what they needed to do. It must be nice to have a professional grifter for a bestie.

When Chloe returned to Kevin, she had a whole strategy to save their home, expand the business and launder the money. We'll see if they can pull it off. Maybe once they do, they can go their separate ways and Chloe can reunite with Billy (Billy Miller)?