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DeVanity Sets the Standard With Season 3 Premiere

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No single web project has given me as much hope for the future of soaps as Michael Caruso’sDeVanity. The webisoap, which premiered its third season earlier today, masterfully packs in more drama, scandal, fashion and, of course, diamonds into 17 minutes than The Bold and the Beautiful or Days of Our Lives served up in all of 2012.

In the Season 3 premiere, Jason DeVanity (Caruso) is lying comatose, following being gunned down by rival jewelry mogul Andrew Regis (Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautifuls' Kyle Lowder) in last season's finale. Luckily for Jason—and the audience—his bad girl sister Bianca (Katie Caprio) is there to catch him up on what's gone down while he's been napping. Watch the excellent Season 3 premiere of the web's steamiest guilty pleasure, DeVanity, after the jump! 

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DeVanity Episode 301 from Michael Caruso on Vimeo.