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Frank Valentini on GH's One Life to Live Characters: “We’re Trying to Work it Out”

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Since news broke that Prospect Park was renewing their plans to revive One Life to Live, fans have been wondering what this could mean for the three former Llanview residents currently residing in fictional Port Charles, New York on General Hospital. In an interview with TV Guide, Frank Valentini addressed the possible conflict.

TV Guide Magazine: With Prospect Park now reviving One Life to Live, which you executive produced in its final days, there are reports that they have first rights to the characters of John McBain and Todd and Starr Manning, who you've now successfully integrated into the Port Charles canvas. Should we be worried they'll all have to say goodbye?

Valentini: Right now we're trying to work it out. I can't really say because the lawyers are doing their thing. Our hope is that we'll be able to continue what we're be doing.

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