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General Hospital: Perkie' s Observations

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Sonny informs Alexis and Kristina of Connie's disappearing act. Kristina becomes enraged, and believes Connie just used Sonny to escape police custody. Kris only wants end Trey's suffering.  Sonny swears Connie was distraught over Trey's prognosis. Kris wonders why he’s suddenly defending Connie so much. 

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Connie wants to drink with AJ, but gets distracted by Coleman. She flirts with him, but he's not interested.  Coleman’s surprised to see AJ, and explains their history to Connie.  AJ complains Sonny stole his son, and Connie replies she won’t be able to get to know hers. 

Carly tries to visit Michael, but finds Starr instead.  Carly updates her on the Todd situation, and reveals she's turned her back on him. Starr admits she knew about the baby switch after the fact, but couldn’t turn her father in.  Carly’s upset Todd told Starr the truth, but not her.  Starr wonders why Carly believed Todd. Carly cites having blind faith in her friendship with Todd as the reason.

The women continue to converse, and eventually end up on topic of Michael and AJ. Starr believes Michael wants a relationship with AJ, but Carly thinks AJ is weak and entitled. She believes he sees Michael as a trophy. Carly only wants Michael to be happy, and not hurt. She’s glad Michael has Starr on his side. 

John McBain catches Todd writing an apology letter to Carly, and taunts him about all that he’s lost.  John takes Todd’s picture, and threatens to send it to Tea.  Todd claims John is no different than he is, because they both act without thinking and break rules.  Todd proposes to get John’s family back by going to war with Clint, using Diane’s help. 

John seems intrigued by Todd's offer, and asks how he would go about doing it. Todd advises John to get the case thrown out by finding a procedural error. John asks for a guarantee that Todd would hold up his end of the bargain. In turn, Todd promises to put a million dollars in a trust for Liam.  John calls Todd's deal a bribe, and Todd admits it.  Slyly, John pulls out his phone, and replays Todd saying he was bribing John.

Alexis catches Kristina about to pull Trey’s plug and stops her.  Kristina complains about Connie having the power to make the final decision. She worries Connie took off for good. Alexis reassures her Connie will come to her senses, and return. She also tells her daughter to be strong and patient, because it’s hard for a parent to let go of a child. 

Olivia’s concerned about her and Steve's future together.  He asks if she’s had a vision, but she hasn’t.  Olivia’s sad neither she nor Kate will ever get to know Trey. The two head to Trey’s room, and learn Connie has run off.  Olivia has a vision of Connie drinking, and informs the others she thinks Connie is at The Floating Rib. Sonny heads out to find her. 

Carly stops by The Floating Rib, and happens upon Connie and AJ together. She has a few choice words for both of them. Carly shames Connie for not doing the responsible thing, and singing the papers to end her son's life.  Connie tells Carly to shut her mouth.  Carly believes both AJ and Connie are selfish, despicable and deserve each other. 

Carly has Coleman bring her hard liquor, and he wonders who he should call to come rescue her since Jason is gone.  Carly says there is no one to call. It’s time she stands up on her own. 

AJ asks Connie about Trey, and Connie admits she can’t bring herself to pull the plug.  Sonny arrives, so Connie grabs AJ and kisses him.