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SPOILERS: Will Jack's Guilt Send Him to Jail on The Young and the Restless?

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Jack's Guilt: Once Phyllis leaves the cabin to look after an ailing Summer, John's ghost appears. As he talks to Ghost Dad, Jack starts to feel the burden of Stephanie's death weighing heavily on him. Later, Jack discovers Victor's P.I. trolling around the cabin. After the two get into it, the P.I. says he can be Jack's ally for a price...

Jack is gobsmacked by the private dick's revelation that Victor hired Stephanie to set him up! Jack realizes just how much trouble he's in, when the investigator informs him Stephanie was the daughter of a powerful congressman. 

Jack tried to call Adam, but only gets his voicemail. Unfortunately for Jack, someone other than Adam listens to that message...

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When Phyllis returns, Jack tells her all about Stephanie. Phyllis starts to freak out when Jack details how Adam took care of the junky hooker's body. It causes her to recall how she and Kevin dealt with Dr. Tim's untimely passing. After talking to Red, Jack decides to confess. Will he go through with it?

Victor/Mason: Jack's hungry assistant agrees to spy for Mr. Moneybags. How will Uncle Sarge react when he sees the nephew he helped get a job conspiring with Jack's greatest enemy? 

Adam/Sharon: The former lovers work together.

Phyllis: She tells her sister how she really feels.

Leslie: She avoids some questions Neil has for her.

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins start to grill Fen.

Alex: NY's finest places both Kevin and Chloe in the hot seat.