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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny breaks up AJ and Connie’s kiss, and pleads with Connie to help Trey. However, Connie refuses to pull the plug on her son.  Sonny informs her Alexis obtained a court order to override Connie's rights, and allow someone else to end Trey's suffering. Connie finally agrees to try again with Trey, and heads to the hospital with Sonny.  Before leaving, Sonny warns AJ to stay away from Connie. 

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Steven points out Trey was an organ donor, and wants to use his organs.  Kristina claims Trey would want that, but Olivia reminds them they still need Connie’s permission. 

Monica’s not happy to see Lucy move in to the Quartermaine mansion.  Lucy explains she’s co-CEO of ELQ now, but Monica could care less. She just wants her out of the house.

Sam informs John she’s planning a memorial for Jason, now that she’s accepted his death.  John tells her about Todd’s bribe.  Monica arrives, and Sam wants John to tell her what happened to Jason.  Sam knows they need to accept Jason's death, and apologizes for not handling things better.  Monica asks about a memorial, and Sam suggests Monica help her organize it.  Monica feels Sam needs to find peace and live her life again. 

Tracy runs into Starr and Michael, and gloats about winning the ELQ battle against AJ.  They tell her about Trey’s accident, and Tracy is surprised and saddened to hear about it.  She offers them her condolences. 

Todd isn’t happy to see Johnny return to the cell.  Todd vows he’s not going back to prison, and wants to escape with Johnny’s help.  Todd's plan is to beat himself up and get sent to the hospital. However, at the last second, he decides Johnny should do it.  Johnny refuses, until Todd mentions he spent New Year’s Day with Carly.  Johnny beats Todd to a pulp, and he's sent to the hospital. 

Coleman wonders what man drove Carly to drinking, and she admits it's actually two men this time. Carly walks away and Carly sits with AJ. AJ asks Carly why is she getting so wasted.  In turn, she asks if he wants another one night stand with her. She pauses, and then complains about the men in her life, namely Johnny.  Carly tells AJ she hates him, and believes he’s trying to turn Michael against her.  AJ confesses he lost the ELQ race to Tracy.  Carly calls him a loser, and attempts to get him to drink.  When Carly decides to leave, AJ takes her keys. She puts up a fight, but picks her up and leaves. 

Tracy finds Lucy making herself at home.  Lucy wants a home cooked meal, and Tracy obliges. However, Lucy's attitude quickly changes when Tracy tells her the meal is duck. Ms. Coe runs out of the room horrified.

Lucy shows up at Kelly’s, and is shocked to see John, whom she calls Caleb. 

Olivia sits next to Trey and expresses her regrets about not getting to know him better. All she wants is for him to be at peace. Suddenly, she has a vision of Trey telling her he’ll be okay.  Kristina wonders if they’re doing the right thing, and Olivia tells her about the vision. 

Sonny and Connie arrive, but Connie’s still unsure about everything.  Kristina convinces her they'll all be together, and Connie agrees to pull the plug. She signs the papers, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.  Kristina wonders how long Trey will live afterwards.  Steve feels it won’t take long. 

Everyone stands around Trey’s bed.  Kristina tells him they all love him.  Connie says she’s there, so he can let go.  Starr swears they won’t leave until he passes.  As Trey passes, Olivia sees his soul leave his body, and tells Kris he’s at peace.