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Mandy Winger and Cally Ewing Set to Return to Say Goodbye to Ole' J.R. on Dallas!


I am going to be balling my Dallas-lovin' eyes out this winter! TV Guide has revealed two sexy blasts from J.R. Ewing's (the late Larry Hagman) past will be present when the legendary character heads for the Big Oil Baron's Ball in the Sky later this year.

Deborah Shelton and Cathy Podewell will be respectively reprising the roles of lingerie model-turned-mistress Mandy Winger and hayseed bride Calpurnia "Cally" Harper Ewing on the TNT update of the original CBS hit. 

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Of all of J.R.'s mistresses, Mandy might have caused his wife Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) the most heartache. Meanwhile, Cally was the child bride the ruthless tycoon was forced to marry after soiling her during a hunting trip to Hayleyville, Arkansas.

Cally eventually bore J.R. a son, whom he uncharacteristically let her raise without his influence. Wishful Casting: Billy Miller as J.R. and Cally's child, who shows up to fight John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) for his rightful share of the Ewing birthright!