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DAYS' Alison Sweeney on 20 Years of Sami: "Jim Reilly Laid The Foundation of This Character"

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What has been Alison Sweeney’s favorite Sami storyline after 20 years on Days of Our Lives? In an interview with MSN, Sweeney reflected on Sami’s many tribulations and triumphs over the years, but chose the Sydnapping storyline as her favorite. She also credited the late James E. Reilly for laying the foundation for her unforgettable character.


Looking back on your 20 years on "Days of Our Lives," what's been your favorite storyline?

The whole Sydnapping arc, from getting pregnant with EJ's baby, going on the run and falling in love with Rafe to exposing what Nicole and EJ did, keeping Sydney away from her. When you think about how long that went on and how good, true and interesting it was the whole time, it was a great story.

The loss of Grace was a major turning point in Sami's growth and maturity level. Even now, she's still Sami, but it's different. Obviously, Sami's been through a bunch of different writers, but it worked out. Jim Reilly laid the foundation of this character and it was clear and true. It sank in deep, so that every writer that came after fell on those same building blocks. It's paid off. I feel very blessed.

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