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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Connie thanks Sonny for taking her home, but she feels he should leave immediately.  He wants to make sure she’s okay, and Connie assures him she's fine. She has everything she needs, except her son. Connie thinks Sonny is sticking around in case Kate emerges, but Sonny claims he's there to help.   Connie doesn’t trust him, but Sonny maintains his only reason for staying is support. When he tries to leave, Connie asks him to stay and sit with her. 

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Lucy goes to Kelly’s, and freaks out when she sees John. She calls him Caleb, the King of vampires. Things go from bad to worse when Sam appears, and Lucy calls her Livvie.  Sam and John are confused by Lucy’s rantings about vampires.  Lucy pulls out a crucifix, and shouts Caleb has worked his voodoo on Livvie.  John ushers Sam and the baby out, and assures Sam he can deal with Lucy on his own. Suddenly, Lucy comes outside, and stabs John in the chest with a piece of wood from a broken chair. 

Carly lets herself into Todd’s hotel room, and informs AJ she’s there for revenge.  AJ’s worries when Carly grabs a pair of scissors, but she only cuts up Todd’s clothes.  AJ grabs the scissors, and she wonders if he’s going to kill her.  AJ won't give her the satisfaction, and admits he’s having too much fun watching her suffer. He knows she did all of this to herself. 

Diane visits Johnny, and is less than pleased about his tussle with Todd. He tells her Todd goaded him, so he could escape from the hospital.  Diane doesn’t believe him, but Johnny advises her to stop Todd from escaping. 

Felix and Sabrina are on duty, when Todd is brought in.  Todd manages to grab a paper clip to later get out of his handcuffs.  Sabrina spots Starr, and breaks the news to her that Todd is in the hospital.  Starr finds her father, who claims Johnny started the whole thing. He swears he didn’t provoke him.  Starr doesn't believe him for a second, and expresses her discontent with Todd for breaking her trust again. Todd tells Starr he loves her, as she leaves.

Michael offers to take Kristina home and stay with her. Steven gives her Trey’s belongings.   Kris opens the package, and finds Joe Jr.'s old religious medal. She wonders if Trey knew he was nothing like his father. 

Steve informs Todd he’s free to go back to jail.  Todd calls him Dr. Drake, which causes Steve to hesitate. He orders a CT scan to make sure Todd's isn't faking. Diane arrives, just as Todd is about to escape.   She asks how Carly and Starr will feel when they learn he took off. She also vows to be done with him if he escapes. 

Lucy screams she’s trying to keep Port Charles safe from the forces of darkness, as Alexis and Shawn arrive.  He grabs Lucy to detain her, until the police arrive. Meanwhile, Sam begs John not to die on her like Jason did.

Alexis asks Lucy why she would stab John. Lucy swears he's not John, but a dangerous vampire named Caleb Morley. She continues on, and tells Alexis that Sam isn't her daughter, but she's Kevin's daughter, Livvie Locke. 

AJ taunts Carly about her relationship with Johnny and Todd. He tears into her and says she’s spent years using people, only to be used back.  Carly grabs the scissors and starts to cut her hair, because she can’t stand the sight of herself.  AJ stops her, and she cries in his arms.  He places her to bed to sleep it off. 

John is brought into GH, as Todd dressed like a doctor, attempts to leave. Sabrina unknowingly asks Todd to examine John.  John immediately recognizes Todd in disguise. Todd tries to run, but Sam stops him. The police grab him, and Sam declares there's some unfinished business between them.