SPOTTED: FOJ Kale Browne on Set of The Young and The Restless!


WARNING: This is a test of the Federal Soap Opera Friends of Jill Emergency Management System (FSOFOJEMS). Should this prove to be a true FSOFOJEMS emergency, hide Nikki Newman from all dayplayer serial killers. Watch for any storylines about angry cops played by Timothy Gibbs falling for their academy students and be on the look out for "Nadia's Theme" suddenly sounding an awful lot like the E.R. opening credits. This is only a test.

- Jamey

New Genoa City resident Mark Pinterset the Internet on fire when he posted on Facebook about seeing former Another World co-star Kale Browne on the set of The Young and the Restless. After Jill Farren Phelps worked with Browne on AW, she cast him in One Life to Live and General Hospital during her stints running those sudsers. Pinter posted:


Let the speculation begin... Shoutout to bonobochick for the tip!

Photo credit: IMDB