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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A hung over Carly wakes up in Todd’s bed, and thinks she slept with him. AJ appears in a towel, and Carly is shocked. He reminds her of the previous nights events, and admits they didn’t sleep together.  Carly’s surprised by her actions, and freaks out when she sees her hair.  AJ tells her she did it to herself.  Before AJ leaves, he advises Carly not to do anything else stupid. 

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Tracy gloats to Monica that she beat AJ, thanks to Lucy.  Tracy makes an online announcement of Lucy's new status as co-CEO at ELQ, just as Monica reads a newspaper article about Lucy’s meltdown.  Tracy views the article as well, and can't believe Lucy would do such a thing. She immediately regrets posting the ELQ announcement. 

Anna and Duke are back in Port Charles, and Anna gets right to business. She's briefed on Lucy’s situation, and decides to check on John first.

Duke hears about Lucy, and drops by to see her.  At first, Lucy is thrilled to see Duke, but her attitude strangely changes after touching him. She declares he isn’t Duke, but Joshua Temple, another vampire.

Felicia and Mac are happy about Lucy being back in town, until Alexis updates them on Lucy's recent stunt. The couple is shocked to learn Lucy would try to kill a detective.  Felicia heads out to see Lucy, while Alexis decides to call Kevin.

From a hospital bed, Todd complains to Diane about getting the charges dropped.  Diane informs him the bribe and attempted escape will be a serious problem, because he’ll be considered a flight risk.

John wakes up to find Sam at his bedside.  The two joke about the crazy lady and vampires.  Sam thinks it would explain their connection. Sam updates him on the Todd situation, and John asks her to check up on him. 

Sabrina’s upset about Lucy, but Felix thinks they should continue doing everything as planned with the Nurses' Ball.  Sabrina’s also worried about working so closely with Patrick.  Felix reminds her the ball is more important than her feelings, and quite frankly, the ball needs her.

Felicia visits Lucy.  Lucy warns her to stay away from Duke, and tries to explain about the vampires.  Lucy claims she’s a slayer, and it’s her job to kill all vampires, including killing Caleb.  She begs Felicia to believe her and finish the job.  Felicia promises to stand by her at the arraignment, but that’s it.  Lucy’s upset she doesn't have a lawyer, until Alexis shows up. 

Sam walks into Todd’s room, as Diane mentions his knowledge of the DNA results.  Sam’s angry Jason never knew Danny was his son due to Todd keeping the secret.  Diane warns Todd not to say anything, before she heads out.  Sam grabs a pillow, and Todd asks if she’s going to kill him. She decides against it, for Danny’s sake.  She’s happy Todd will lose everything.  Diane returns to take Todd to his arraignment. 

Anna and John get caught up with each other’s lives.  He asks about Duke, and Anna claims to be happy. However, she later confesses she can only see Faison when she looks at Duke, and it feels awful.      

Monica is happy when AJ returns home, but quickly asks about the smell of alcohol on him.  AJ swears it's due to Carly spilling a drink on him.  AJ sees the newspaper article, and Monica tells him Lucy has lost her mind.  AJ decides he may have another shot at ELQ.