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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis and Lucy arrive at the courthouse, and feel very prepared for her arraignment.  Alexis warns Lucy to keep quiet, but Lucy loudly urges Mac and Felicia to kill Caleb. 

Tracy arrives in an unhappy mood, because Lucy lost her mind right after the co-CEO announcement.  Tracy threatens to withdraw her check for the Nurses' ball if Lucy doesn't stop talking about vampires. She asks if stopping Caleb is more important to Lucy than helping those with AIDS.  Lucy agrees not to mention Caleb, and or plead insanity. 

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Felix wants to discuss booking the Metro Court Ballroom with Carly, but the state of her hair distracts him. Carly admits she did it to herself, but Felix is certain it was because of a man.  When Carly mentions Todd, Felix tells her about Todd's hospital stay and attempted to escape. Then, offers to fix Carly’s hair, but she refuses.  Carly wants to forget everything that's happened. 

Felix advises her to make herself over, and parade in front of the man. It will prove Todd didn’t ruin her life.  He warns her never to show her hand.  Carly thanks him, and asks what she owes him.  Felix asks for a discount on the ballroom, but Carly offers to donate it to him for the cause. 

At the hospital, Todd refuses to get ready to go to court, until John arrives to escort him personally.  Epiphany orders John back into bed, but John refuses. He’s leaving against medical orders. 

Michael meets with AJ, who updates him on Lucy’s meltdown. AJ thinks ELQ is prime for the taking.  He knows Lucy's stunt is grounds for a revote, and there's a good chance some of Tracy’s supporters will to come to their side. AJ wants to run the company with Michael. Michael is surprised by AJ’s enthusiasm, because he thought his father would have done something stupid by now.  AJ admits he almost did, and tells his son about the incident with Carly and Connie at The Floating Rib. 

Michael’s upset to hear Carly tried to get AJ to drink, but AJ defends Carly by saying she was drunk and upset about Todd.  AJ mentions spending the night with Carly, which immediately angers Michael. However, he cools down when AJ explains what happened.  Michael thanks him for looking after Carly. 

Epiphany’s looking for Felix, and Sabrina attempts to cover for her friend. However, Pif sees right through her lie.  Sabrina confesses Felix is out looking for a venue for the ball. Pif is surprised to hear about the ball, and asks why they didn't tell her earlier.  Sabrina claims Felix told her not to tell Epiphany, because she isn’t fun. 

Britt asks Patrick if she’s been too aggressive with him.  He feels he was over thinking things, but still has a babysitting issue.  Britt offers to hang out with Emma, just to get to know her better.  Patrick agrees, but wants them to take things slowly. 

Todd, Diane and John arrive at the courthouse in the middle of Lucy’s arraignment.  John slips into the courtroom.  The DA wants to charge Lucy with attempted murder under special circumstances.  Lucy pleads not guilty, but spots John and starts screaming at him.  Lucy attacks John, and Mac has to pull her off.  Alexis declares she wants Lucy to undergo a psych evaluation. She also informs the judge Lucy's plea is now not guilty due to insanity. 

As they are leaving the courthouse, Todd hears Alexis inform Tracy that Lucy won't go to jail because of the insanity plea. Carly arrives for Todd’s hearing, dressed in a smoking red dress with hot new short hair.  Todd is thrilled to see her, until she says she came to see him get charged. 

Michael and AJ overhear an irate Tracy on the phone with Ned, discussing the possibility of AJ besting her in the battle for ELQ.

As Lucy is taken to Ferncliff, she complains to Alexis that she was supposed to get out on bail.  Alexis points out she’s crazy, and leaves to find a doctor. Lucy can't believe no one thinks her accusations are true. Out of nowhere, Heather steps into the room and says she does.