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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Diane warns Todd to keep quiet, but he ignores her and starts ranting about being insane. Diane asks for Todd to be allowed to testify.  She claims Todd is suffering from PTSD.  Todd continues rambling and admits he always tries to do the right thing, but messes up in the end.

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Diane affirms Todd had no malicious intent, and Heather coerced him into participating in the switch. She declares Todd needs psychiatric help.  In turn, Carly stands up and objects.

Lulu calls Maxie, who reassures her all is well in Port Charles. Maxie advises her friend to focus on Luke.  Dante promises Lulu they will find out what happened to Luke.  Lulu spots blood on the wall, and thinks it might be Luke's.  Dante asks to see the warden.

Maxie confesses to Britt that she wasn't able to tell Lulu and Dante the truth about the miscarriage. She asks about the extra embryos, and if another implantation could be possible. Britt's not willing to lie to Dante and Lulu, but takes some blood for a hormone test anyway. 

Patrick performs another test on Ellie's feet, but she still doesn't feel anything. She worries if she'll ever regain feeling in her lower extremities. Patrick advises her to be patient a little longer.  Ellie's glad to be alive, and have Spin by her side. She swears she won't feel sorry for herself.   Spin tells her to let her body heal.   

Lucy goes on and on about vampires to Heather. When she finishes, Heather assures Lucy she believes her story. Lucy's thrilled, until Heather introduces herself. Lucy remembers Heather taking advantage of a grieving Edward.  Heather points out everyone in Ferncliff is equal, and Lucy will need a friend. 

Maxie and Spinelli run into each other at the hospital.  She asks why he hasn't called her since their night together.  Spin informs her that he turned to her, because he thought Ellie had rejected him. However, that wasn't the case. Maxie asks if he's choosing Ellie over her again. Spin tells Maxie he'll always love her, but he's choosing to be with Ellie. 

Carly says if Todd is crazy, it means what they had wasn't real.  She tells him to take responsibility for his actions.  Todd swears he fell in love with her, so Carly orders him to say he isn't crazy. Todd refuses to say it, and pleads insanity to the court. Carly realizes he's not the man she thought he was. 

The judge sentences Todd to Ferncliff.  Diane hopes Todd received exactly what he wanted.  He assures Diane he'll be able to fool the doctors.

Tracy informs AJ of an insanity clause Edward put in the ELQ bylaws. The clause gives Tracy the power to fire Lucy, and remain in control.  Michael asks why she doesn't allow AJ to be co-CEO. Tracy admits she wants to run the company by herself. 

AJ decides he needs to see Lucy before she's declared insane, and get her to sign over her share to him. He begs Michael to lie to Tracy if she asks where he went. Sure enough, Tracy asks Michael about AJ's whereabouts. He claims AJ went to an AA meeting, but Tracy calls him out on his lie. She soon realizes AJ went to see Lucy. 

AJ visits Lucy and promises to help her slay the vampires, if she signs over her share to him. Lucy doesn't sign, and is taken away before AJ can continue to convince her. AJ thinks Lucy was his last hope, until Heather walks in and says she wasn't.

The warden tells Lulu and Dante that Luke was shot.  Lulu asks if her father is dead. 

Britt tells Maxie she can't implant another embryo, because Maxie is already pregnant.