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A Trick-Turnin' Destiny and Her Child? Is THIS Matthew and Destiny's Storyline on The New One Life to Live?!


A little birdie sent me a casting breakdown that is reportedly being used for actors auditioning for the roles of Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans on the new One Life to Live. Judging from the brief scene, this won't be your Mama Evans' Llanview!

I won't publish the breakdown—because the last time I linked to one published by another soap opera-themed website—the casting site's owner got all in a snit, but I can and will paraphrase! Now take this with a healthy grain of salt, as it could simply be a breakdown used to audition actors, which doesn't end up making it on air. 

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Apparently sweet, little teen mom Destiny is now meeting men on a site called, in order to support herself and Baby Drew. Matthew is portrayed in the sketch as a deadbeat, who turned his back on Des and their son. At one point, Des accuses him of only showing up when he has a "hard-on"! Shut yo mouth...

The breakdown is very edgy and timely, but I wonder if it's a bit out of character for Matt and Des? Would she really be desperate enough to turn tricks for old dudes? I know Senator Dorian Lord has some kind of food stamps program available in Llanview. Does Des really have to do something strange for a piece of change?

Wouldn't the Evans, Bo, Nora, Clint and/or Viki step in to help her — even if Matthew went back to his trifling ways? Maybe Des is too proud to beg?

OLTL's new co-head writer Thom Racina has had success with the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold formula before. Remember Days of Our Lives' Kimberly Brady? That Irish-American lass was saved from a life of taking $50 dollars to make men holler by dashing, British spy Shane Donovan back in the 80's. Could Racina and writing partner Susie Bedsow Horgan find similar storyline potential with a hoish Destiny and her child?  Sound off and speculate in the comments!