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Robin Strasser SHADES Dorian Ending Up a Senator on One Life to Live!


Robin Strasser is all geeked up to move Dorian Lord back into La Boulaie. The legendary soap actress spoke with TV Guide's Michael Logan about her decision to sign up for Prospect Park's reboot of One Life to Live, and while she seems happy to be on board, she sorta threw shade at Dorian's current occupation as a U.S. Senator!

TV Guide Magazine: Didn't she replace some senator who had to resign after a sex scandal?

Strasser: Who knows?

TV Guide Magazine: Sore subject?

Strasser: I have erased from my memory things that did not ring true. Moving forward! However and wherever we pick her up, it's all doable, because she has always been a glass-is-half-full-of-wacky-juice kinda gal. In that way I'm just like my character, the queen of revisionist history. [Laughs] Just ignore the past and wear a great hat!

Ouch! I guess La Strasser wasn't a fan of Game Change?

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