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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke is stunned to see Duke, and tries to attack him. Anna breaks it up, and updates Luke on the Duke situation. Duke confirms Anna’s story. He even thanks Luke for seeing through Faison, but Luke doesn’t accept the handshake. 

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Luke asks if Duke is still in love with Anna, and Duke confirms Luke's suspicions.  Luke claims he and Anna were more than just friends, and he’s in love with Anna as well. Therefore, he's officially Duke's adversary until Anna picks one of them. Anna’s not happy, and informs him she's moved out of their suite.  Luke wants to work things out with her, because what they had was real. 

Sabrina runs into Patrick and Emma.  Emma wonders why Sabrina isn’t her babysitter anymore, and Patrick explains the nurse in training is really busy with school.  Emma wonders if Sabrina is also too busy for the Nurse’s Ball. Sabrina reassures her the ball is a go, and Emma will be a guest of honor. Patrick mentions to Emma possibly having Britt join them for their next outing, but Emma is against it. She doesn't like Britt because she’s mean. 

Patrick feels Emma needs to give Britt a chance. He thinks Emma will like her, once she gets to know her.  Emma doesn’t want Britt to be her new mommy. She'd much prefer Sabrina in that role, and runs off and hugs her.  Sabrina promises to visit.  Patrick knows Emma misses Sabrina, but points out she has her own life that isn’t part of their family. 

Connie believes Sonny is a hard man to figure out. She's still having a problem understanding why he’s being nice to her.  She owes him a thank you for being there for her, but wonders if he sees Kate when he looks at her.  Sonny knows she's Connie, and claims he’s only trying to help her through Trey’s death.  He hasn’t stopped loving Kate, just because she’s gone.

Connie points out Sonny helped her and not Kate. She wonders if he feels whatever is between them, as well.  Sonny admits he does, but Connie thinks he still wishes she didn’t exist. Sonny wants them to be friends, but Connie just wants him to leave. 

Ellie can’t believe her ears when Spin confesses to sleeping with Maxie the night of the accident.  Ellie doesn’t believe Maxie accidentally found herself on the roof, since she knew that’s where Ellie was going.  Ellie thinks Maxie tampered with her car, but Spin feels Maxie wouldn’t sabotage them in that way.  Ellie believes Maxie would do anything to get her own way.

Spin swears it was all circumstance, because Maxie was emotional and he was drunk.  Ellie brings up the fact that Maxie shouldn’t be having sex at this stage in the pregnancy, anyways. She feels Spin still wants Maxie, even though he swears he doesn’t.  She orders him to get out. Elle is upset she put her faith in him, and he destroyed it.  Spin says he made a mistake, but it doesn’t change his feelings for her. Spin tells Ellie he loves her, and is sorry for causing her so much pain.    

Maxie asks Lulu about Luke, and Lulu explains what happened at the prison. Then, she asks how Maxie is doing. Maxie says this baby is fine and Britt agrees. The doctor tells Lulu they were simply discussing Maxie’s blood work, and some changes to her vitamins.  Olivia suddenly has a vision of Maxie holding the puppy, and yells at it to leave Maxie alone. 

Dante and Steve ask about the vision, and Olivia admits she saw the baby as a dog again.  Lulu is concerned, because she’s not the one who’s pregnant. Lulu explains Olivia's premonitions to Britt, but Olivia says they’re open to interpretation.  Lulu asks about the dog, and Olivia thinks it looks more like a wolf or something wild.  Maxie realizes she means a jackal, and understands the vision. 

Maxie tells Lulu to take a break, and Lulu promises to be more rational.  After Lante leave, Olivia assures Maxie her vision could be wrong before heading out.  Britt questions whether Maxie is planning on passing off her baby as Lante’s.  Maxie mentions Lulu and Dante's willingness to adopt before the surrogacy. In her mind, their previous adoption plans mean they don’t care about genetics. She honestly thinks this is all for the best.  She knows it will all work out, as long as Britt keeps her mouth shut. 

Lulu is freaking out because she wants everything to go smoothly.  Dante reminds her they need to trust Maxie, and enjoy the pregnancy. 

Anna doesn’t know how she feels, because she’s still grieving for Robin. Not to mention, she's still trying to get over being humiliated by Faison. Anna’s glad Luke will stand by her, and relieved Duke is alive.  She wants both men to be friends, which doesn't interest Luke in the least bit. She’s not ready to make a commitment, and Luke reminds her the ball is in her court. 

After Luke leaves, Anna wonders if Duke will force her to choose him.  Duke admits he wants her back, but promises not to pressure her about it. He knows they’ve always been fair with each other. Duke tells Anna he loves her, and leaves.