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SOURCE: "Jeff Kwatinetz Wants The New All My Children and One Life to Live to be Edgy"

It's starting to shape up that the casting breakdown I was leaked for the characters of Matthew and Destiny on One Life to Live—which finds Des looking for a Sugar Daddy online—could in fact be a glimpse into the kind of storytelling we will be seeing on the new versions of OLTL and All My Children. According to sources, Prospect Park principle Jeff Kwatinetz wants his soaps to do edgy, ripped-from-the-headlines story arcs.


"Jeff wants controversy for these shows," explains an insider. "He doesn't want the same old return-from-the-dead storylines and things of that nature. He wants the characters dealing with shocking, provocative issues being written about in the newspapers and talked about on the nightly news."

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"Sugar Babies", coed girls who spend time with older men in exchange for money, have been a hot topic in the news of late. ABC's 20/20 has been covering the topic for some time and an MIT graduate's website recently posted a Top 20 list of colleges and universities where Sugar Babies could be found in 2011.

"Relaunching One Life to Live with a beloved teen character going the Sugar Baby route will provide just the kind of controversy Jeff is looking for," says a mole.

While it's definitely hard to imagine sweet, sassy Des in such a gamey story arc (Maybe that's why they're reportedly looking for an older actress for the part baby-faced Shenell Edmonds originated?), the original One Life to Live told plenty of controversial tales. Creator Agnes Nixon launched the sudser in the turbulent, racially-charged late 60's with a saga about a light-skinned black woman passing for white — while dating both a black man and a white one. Two years later, Nixon's All My Children began with a character staunchly opposed to the Vietnam War.