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Denial is a Fragrance Sold By Lauren Fenmore on The Young and the Restless

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Lauren (Tracey Bregman) arrived at Jamie’s (Daniel Polo) hospital room, where Michael (Christian LeBlanc) had been watching over him. She didn’t believe Fen (Max Ehrich) was responsible for Jamie's fall. After Michael left to freshen up at home, Jamie woke up briefly, and uttered Fen’s name. When Lauren asked him why he said Fen’s name, Jamie fell back to sleep in his hospital bed.  Lauren continued to be in denial about Fen’s behavior or possible involvement in the crime. She told Paul she knew her son would never do something like this.

At home, Michael tried talking to Fen about what happened to Jamie. He told Fen he could tell him anything. Fen was about to respond, but Michael received a call from Lauren. She informed him Jamie had woken up for a second. Michael returned to the hospital with Fen. Fen looked like he didn’t want to be there.

After he left the room, Paul (Doug Davidson) arrived and told them he’d found something. It was Fen’s camera with a picture of Jamie holding the “stolen” item Fen had put in his backpack.

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Cricket arrived at the hospital, where she found Paul. She expressed her feelings of regret for not suing Phyllis. However, since Phyllis was going to get a Newman sized divorce settlement, Cricket planned to take Phyllis to court.

Victor (Eric Braeden) dropped by Nick’s new club, but the two started arguing about whether Nick should come to work for Victor at Newman. Victor called the club a dive, which obviously hurt Nick's feelings. Nick’s club continued to experience electrical problems.

After his talk with Nick, Victor visited Jack (Peter Bergman) at Newman Enterprises. The Black Knight threatened to expose the truth about Jack's incident with the hooker, if Jack didn't convince Adam (Michael Muhney) to leave Newman.