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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny wonders when Todd will be transferred to Pentonville, but Todd explains he's being taken to Ferncliff instead. He tells Johnny all about playing the crazy card in court. Johnny knows Todd won’t be able to escape the high security mental facility, but Todd believes he can fool the doctors. Johnny taunts that he won’t have Carly, because she’s through with him. However, Todd doesn’t see it that way. 

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Patrick searches for Sabrina, and Liz tells him she's taking care of stuff for the ball.  Patrick wonders if he did something to offend Sabrina, since she’s avoiding him. Patrick also doesn’t understand why Emma hasn’t cliqued with Britt. Liz isn't surprised by Emma's attitude towards Britt. Patrick wants to know what Liz has against Britt. Liz brings up Britt being vicious to all the nurses, especially Sabrina.  Patrick still doesn’t see the connection, and Britt interrupts the two before they can finish their conversation. 

Britt asks to go skating with Patrick and Emma, and Patrick hesitates. She wonders if he truly wants her to develop a relationship with Emma. Patrick agrees, and heads off to pick up Emma. 

Felix and Sabrina discuss her chances with Patrick, while waiting to meet with Carly.  When Carly arrives, Felix loves her new look. Carly admits she showed off to Todd.  Felix says Sabrina needs to pull the same move on Patrick, and Carly is surprised to hear about the attraction. Sabrina quickly points out Patrick is already involved with Britt. Carly claims she’s going to be alone for a while, and Felix asks about AJ. However, Carly has nothing good to say about him.   

Carly secures the Metro Court Ballroom for the Nurse’s Ball, and finds irony in doing something in Robin’s honor.  When Sabrina returns to the hospital, she tries to be nice to Britt. A snarky Britt informs her that she’s going skating with Patrick and Emma. 

Epiphany reads John the riot act for leaving the hospital too soon, while giving him a fresh set of stitches. Sam shows up, so Pif leaves. John explains Lucy tore out some of his stitches when she jumped on him at the courthouse. He also breaks the news to her about Todd going to Ferncliff instead of Pentonville. Sam is upset Todd is basically going to get off for his misdeeds by pleading insanity.  Sam wants to make sure Todd pays, and John assures her he'll take care of it. He warns Sam to stay out of it.

Michael tells AJ that Tracy knows he went to see Lucy.  AJ explains he told Lucy he believed her vampire story.  Michael doesn’t want him taking advantage of someone’s mental illness.   AJ mentions running into Heather, but Michael doesn’t trust her.  AJ continues on about Heather, and brings up Edward's will. He admits he hasn’t found anything in there to help them secure ELQ. Michael updates AJ on Heather's terrible antics involving Jason and Sam. He feels there has to be another way to get ELQ, which doesn't involve Heather.

Ned is back in town to help Tracy in the battle for ELQ.  Tracy wants to make sure Lucy continues to be crazy, because her shenanigans will keep AJ away. Tracy needs to neutralize him.  Ned understands a bad psych evaluation will make Lucy’s vote useless, but he’s not happy with his mother’s current plan. 

Todd is less than thrilled when John arrives to escort him to Ferncliff.

Tracy worries AJ may have changed, therefore they can’t afford to dismiss him.  Ned wants Tracy to give up ELQ, and let AJ take over. Tracy proclaims ELQ is her legacy, and she refuses to relinquish it.  Ned’s worried about the toll this is taking on her. He feels his mother has nothing to prove to anyone anymore.  Tracy asks if he is with or against her. Ned feels they need to find out where she’s vulnerable, first. Then, they have to come up with a strategy to beat AJ.  He asks if there is anything out there that can hurt her, and she claims there isn’t.  Ned knows it is important to keep AJ away from Lucy. Tracy tells him they need to figure AJ’s next move, and calls Sonny. 

AJ asks about Johnny, but Michael isn’t sure about working with him.  AJ explains Skye had information on Tracy, but she gave to Anthony. He thinks Johnny must be in possession of it now.  Michael agrees to help, and heads off to see Johnny in prison.