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Will Tells Nick He’ll Never Give Up Custody on Days of Our Lives

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Will (Chandler Massey) and Gabi (Camila Banus) wanted to talk about the baby, but Nick (Blake Berris) said nothing had changed. He insisted he and Gabi could still raise the child as their own. Nick has become one delusional Salemite!

I never thought I’d see the day where I loathed this character so much. I guess maybe that’s the brilliance of Berris’ acting. When Will called Nick “insane,” Nick told him never to say that again — ever. Uh oh, here we go down Salem’s psycho rabbit hole.

Nick asked Will if he really wanted to raise a child with one mommy and three daddies. When Gabi said she had to go, Nick lied by saying it was about her new college class schedule. In truth, she had an appointment to get the baby’s sonogram. As they were leaving, Will told Nick he’d never give up custody of his child.

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At the church, EJ (James Scott) continued to referee Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Rafe’s (Galen Gering) argument about Will and Gabi. Rafe told Sami he wouldn’t let her screw up the baby’s childhood the same way she had Will’s.

After Rafe left the church he bumped into Nicole (Arianne Zucker). She tried to distract him from his frustration over Sami. He told Nicole that EJ could have Sami, because he’d seen the real side of her.

Meanwhile, Sami told EJ all of her concerns for Will and what he faced with the coming custody fight. Sami left the church and bumped into Adrienne (Judi Evans), who confronted her about Will and Sonny (Freddie Smith). Sami said she had been through a rough few days. She didn’t care if they were in public, if Adrienne said one teeny, tiny thing negative about Will, she’d take Adrienne down. It is always fantastic to see Judi Evans. Every time she pops up in Salem, I flash back to her as my beloved Paulina Cory on Another World.

Chad (Casey Deidrick) discovered Cameron (Nathan Owens) with Abby (Kate Mansi) at the hospital. He used the Lexie (Renee Jones) card when apologizing to Cameron. Cameron said nothing justified what Chad had done, not even invoking their sister's name.

Will arrived at the coffee shop, where Sonny asked him if he could give him a reason for what he’d done. Will said he'd been afraid of losing Sonny. Sonny was incredulous, so Will took them back to the day Sonny said he didn’t want kids.

When Sonny got up from the table, Abby came over and told Will she was surprised to see him. When he asked why, Abby told him she expected him to be at the hospital. The episode ended with Will walking in on the sonogram just in time for Cameron to tell Gabi and Nick the baby is a girl.