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Ghosts of Lovers Past Haunt Several Women This February Sweeps on The Young and the Restless!

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Victor/Nikki: As Genoa City's ultimate supercouple plans their upcoming wedding, Nikki gets unsettling news. Will it prevent her from becoming Mrs. Mumbles yet again?

Nick/Avery/Dylan: Mr. McAvoy’s sudden arrival in Genoa City will have a huge impact on Nick and Avery’s relationship.

Billy/Victoria: “Villy” fans, rejoice! Despite the drama the couple has faced in the past and the battle over Newman Enterprises, the two will be closer than ever. Look for Billy and Victoria to have a fantastic Valentine’s Day together.

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Sharon/Adam/Chelsea: The Newman black sheep must decide if he wants to save his marriage to Chelsea, or rekindle the crazy romance he had with Sharon. Don’t look for Chelsea to be pining over Adam. Mrs. Newman will be humming a new tune. Hear that Sharon?

Michael/Fen/Lauren: The Baldwin family will have a serious falling out, when Michael makes a decision involving his troubled son.

Cane/Lily/Tyler/Leslie: Congressman Wheeler and Leslie share a past, which is coming back to haunt her in Genoa City. Can Tyler help his sister out of a jam? Look for Cane, Lily, Nick and Avery to be mixed up in the drama. 

Kevin/Chloe/Noah/Adrianna: Kevin and Chloe’s good fortune courtesy of Noah and Adrianna ends. The Fishers want pay back for their money issues. Meanwhile, Noah and Adrianna will have problems due to the money she decided to five-finger.

Noah/Adriana/Kevin/Chloe: The mystery of the mob money is about to climax, sending this foursome scrambling.