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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy asks Sonny to help her get rid of AJ. She confesses to using Soleito money for ELQ's benefit. She also informs Sonny that Anthony had proof she put dirty money into ELQ. Sonny knows Anthony would not have disposed of the evidence.  Tracy thinks AJ will find the proof.  Sonny believes Johnny has the evidence, but he doesn’t want to get involved because of Michael.  Tracy points out when things go badly, AJ will make Michael take the fall.  Sonny sticks to his guns, and turns Tracy down. 

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Michael wants Johnny’s help to take down Tracy, despite his disgust with Johnny’s actions.  Johnny doesn’t want to do anything that will anger Carly.  Michael knows Skye gave Anthony the proof of Tracy using dirty money at ELQ. Johnny admits he now has it.  Johnny wonders if AJ is worth the effort, but Michael wants AJ to have his chance.

Ned eavesdrops as AJ informs Carly he told Michael everything about the night at the bar. Carly is upset AJ tried to make her look bad to Michael.  Carly brings up Tracy, and AJ knows she’s done something that will get her in trouble.  He’s ready to vote Tracy out, but Carly reminds him there are no votes left.  AJ mentions Heather told him there is another vote out there, but he's sure all the kids and grandkids are accounted for. 

Carly gets a sly look on her face, so AJ questions whether there is another heir out there somewhere.  Carly says she wouldn’t tell AJ even if she knew.  After AJ leaves, Ned approaches Carly about the possible unknown Quartermaine heir. Carly denies knowing anything about it. 

Britt tries to impress Emma, and gives her a new game. However, Emma already has the game, thanks to Sabrina.  When Emma leaves the room, Patrick apologizes for the child's behavior. Patrick admits Emma doesn’t like Britt, but Britt believes they just need to get to know each other better.

Emma returns to the table, and Patrick receives a call. Patrick steps away to take the call, and Britt demands to know what Emma has against her. Emma says she doesn’t like her, and Britt informs the girl the feeling is mutual. She strongly advises Emma to get to use to her, because she's going anywhere anytime soon. Britt asks if Emma wants her father to be happy, but all Emma wants is Sabrina back.  Britt orders Emma to get over it, and heads off to the restroom.

Liz tells Sabrina about her conversation with Patrick about Britt. She stresses that he’s still concerned about Sabrina.  Liz informs Sabrina that Emma misses her, but Sabrina feels it’s best to keep her distance.  Sabrina knows her feelings for Patrick are too strong to even be around him right now. Liz doesn't think she should spend her life longing a man she can't have.

Starr and Molly are concerned about Kristina, who’s severely mourning Trey and blaming Connie.  Starr tells her to move on and pick up the pieces.  Kristina hates Connie, and wants to make her pay for Trey’s death. Molly knows Trey wouldn’t want her to seek revenge against his mother. Starr doesn't think it's worth it, and mentions the time she almost killed Sonny in her need for revenge.  Starr believes Kris needs something to focus on, and suggests she enroll at PCU.  Kristina agrees and heads to her room to change. 

TJ visits Connie to offer his condolences, and ask for Molly’s novel back.  Connie has no intention of giving the book back.  TJ points out there will come a time when questions will be asked about the book, and Connie won’t know the answer, since she didn’t write it.  Connie kicks him out. 

Later on, TJ tells Molly he went to see Connie to get the book back, but failed.  Starr discovers Kristina is missing.  Kristina shows up at Connie’s office with a baseball bat in tow. 

AJ arrives to see Tracy, as Sonny is leaving ELQ. He questions if Tracy is working with the mob again.  AJ informs her that he knows she dumped Soleito money into the company.  Tracy vehemently denies it, but Michael arrives with the proof. 

Patrick and Britt return to the table at the same time, and notice Emma is gone.