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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Connie’s shocked when Kristina attempts to attack her with a baseball bat.  Kristina accuses Connie of killing Trey.  Sonny arrives, and convinces Kris to leave.  Connie shouts that Trey was better off without crazy Kristina, and Kris lunges at Connie. Sonny is forced to pull them apart. A frazzled Connie calls the police.

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Patrick asks where Emma is, and Britt has no idea.  Anna arrives and he informs her Emma is missing. Anna immediately calls in some officers to canvas the area, and issues an amber alert.  No one at Kelly's recalls seeing Emma leave, so Patrick starts to worry someone may have taken her.  Anna thinks she may have wandered off, and asks if Emma has been upset lately.  Patrick mentions Emma being having serious reservations about the new woman in his life. Anna asks Britt how things were between her and the young girl.  Britt lies and says she and Emma were getting along fine. 

Anna wonders if there is someplace or someone Emma would run off to seek comfort. Patrick thinks of Sabrina, and tries to call her. However, he isn't able to reach her. 

Michael has proof Tracy used dirty money for the benefit of ELQ. Tracy claims Anthony fabricated Michael’s "proof".  AJ decides to call the FCC, and Tracy stresses that she can’t go to prison.  AJ only wants her to step down as CEO.  Tracy points out AJ won’t be able to take over immediately, because he’ll need to be voted in. She continues on, and states that with Lucy’s vote in the air, they would still be deadlocked.  AJ asks her to sign her shares over to him. 

Tracy turns to Michael and reminds him that she was good to Abby. She wonders if he believes Abby would want this for him. Michael just wants the chance to work with his father.  Tracy signs the papers and vows the fight is far from over.  Michael gives her the originals, and he and AJ celebrate their victory. 

Max and Milo take Spinelli to The Haunted Star to get his mind off of Ellie. As they arrive, Felix drags Liz and Sabrina to the same place.  Felix sends Liz over to Max, and Sabrina to Spin, while he buys Milo a drink and flirts.  Felix propositions Milo, who says he isn’t gay.

Steve informs Ellie that she’ll be discharged tomorrow, and asks about Spinelli.  She tells him Spin turned to someone else. Steve admits he was in a similar situation, but feels grateful Olivia forgave him in the end. 

Sabrina complains about her sad love life to Spinelli, who in turn, admits he slept with Maxie on New Year’s Eve.  Lulu overhears, and becomes enraged with Maxie. Maxie is less than pleased with Spin for blabbing.  Lulu wonders if this is what Britt wanted Maxie to confess. Before she can answer, Dante steps in and assures her nothing has changed. Lulu apologizes to Maxie for always picking at her.    

Maxie’s angry with Spinelli, until he tells her Ellie dumped him.  Maxie attempts to tell him about the baby, but Spin receives a phone call from Ellie. She wants to see him, so Spin heads out.

Dante and a few officers arrive at Connie’s.  Sonny wants everything to go away, but Connie is adamant about pressing charges against Kristina. Kristina openly admits she had every intention of killing Connie.  Dante has no choice but to arrest Kristina.  Sonny is angry with Connie. 

Ellie informs Spin she’s upset, but understands why he slept with Maxie. She tells him she loves him, and Spin asks to be forgiven. 

Lulu apologizes for yelling at Maxie, and promises to worry less. She admits the baby means everything to her.  Maxie swears she’ll deliver a healthy baby for Lulu and Dante. 

Sabrina wanders around on the docks, and comes across Emma. 

Tracy searches for Todd, but finds Connie instead. Connie explains Todd's current situation. Tracy wants her to publish the proof that she used dirty money at ELQ. Tracy professes if she can’t have ELQ, then no one can.