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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sabrina’s shocked to find Emma by herself on the docks. Emma calmly tells Sabrina she's feeding the ducks. Sabrina asks if she's alone or with Patrick. Emma admits she's alone, and doesn’t want to return to her daddy, because he’s with Britt.  She complains about Britt saying she doesn't like her, and the doctor’s all around mean attitude. Sabrina is angry Britt hurt Emma. Sabrina tells Emma that Britt doesn’t matter, but Patrick does. She convinces Emma they need to get back to Patrick.

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Britt thinks Emma could have gone to a friend’s house. Again, Patrick asks if anything happened while the two of them were alone. Britt swears she and Emma were getting along fine.

Mac arrives to help Anna, and she explains what happened. She breaks down, and confesses she can’t lose Emma after losing Robin.  Mac reassures her they’ll find Emma and bring her home.    

Tracy decides AJ won’t be able to run the company, if there is no company to run.  She explains to Connie about investing dirty money in ELQ, and AJ using the information to get the company from her.  Tracy asks about the mess in the office, and Connie explains Kristina tried to kill her.  Connie cries about losing Trey, and feels he never had a chance.

Connie pulls herself together, and gets back to business.  She points out that if Tracy takes ELQ down, she’ll be taking herself down as well.  Tracy feels this is the only way to stop AJ from destroying her father's company and legacy.  Connie agrees to print Tracy's secret. 

AJ and Michael celebrate, until Starr calls to tell Michael that Kristina is missing. Michael apologizes, and he heads out to find his sister. 

Duke shows up for a meeting with Tracy, but finds AJ instead. He's looking for a job, so he can reclaim everything he’s lost, especially the woman he loves.   AJ mentions Duke's past as a money launderer, but Duke insists he’s done with that life. He needs a chance to rebuild his life, which is something AJ understands.   AJ offers Duke a job.

Alexis is not happy to hear Kristina was arrested for trying to kill Connie.  Kris complains Sonny was defending Connie, and that he tends to deal with his issues in a manner similar to her earlier actions. Alexis wants Sonny to talk Connie out of pressing charges, but he admits he tried. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to get through to her.

Kristina is not able to get an arraignment until the next day, so she’ll spend the night in lockup.  Again, Alexis pleads with Sonny to get back into Connie’s good graces.    

Patrick is upset he didn’t keep an eye on Emma. He grabs his keys to search for her, just as Sabrina and Emma walk in.  He hugs Emma and is grateful she’s okay. Sabrina explains where she found her. Patrick wants to know why Emma took off, and Sabrina says it was because of Britt.  

When Emma’s out of earshot, Sabrina explains what Britt told Emma.  Britt denies it and claims Emma has an overactive imagination. Patrick asks Sabrina if she believes Emma, and Sabrina stands behind the young girl's words.  Patrick decides to take Emma home, and rebuffs Britt’s offer to join them.  Britt warns Sabrina that if she ruins her relationship with Patrick, she’ll make her regret it.  Sabrina doesn’t care about their relationship, and issues a threat of her own. If Britt hurts Emma again, she’ll make her regret it.  

Starr updates Michael on Kristina's incident.  Michael calls Alexis, who informs him of Kristina's home for the night. Michael tells Starr all about the latest happenings in the battle for ELQ. He’s happy for AJ, but worried at the same time. He knows Tracy won’t go down without a fight.  

Sonny stops by Connie’s to discuss Kristina, but Connie isn’t interested.

Duke runs into Anna, and she tells him about Emma's disappearing act. She admits how terrified she was during the ordeal. In turn, Duke gives her the good news about his new job. He wants to celebrate with her when she has the time.

Tracy returns to her former office to collect her belongings. She concedes AJ earned the position fair and square. Tracy wishes him luck, because he’s going to need it.