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Battle of The Blondes: Nicole Takes on Kristen on Days of Our Lives!

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Nicole (Arianne Zucker) confronted Kristen (Eileen Davidson) about Ms. DiMera's schemes against Brady (Eric Martsolf).  The two traded barbs, before Nicole physically attacked Kristen.

Brady arrived just in time to pull them apart. Why does Brady have to be so stupid?  Shouldn't Nicole and Sami (Alison Sweeny) being in agreement about Kristen being bad news serve as some sort of sign of an impending Salem apocalypse?

Nicole to Kristen: “We both know you’re a phony bitch!”

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Kristen: “Takes one to know one.”

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) discussed Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) cruel intentions for Daniel (Shawn Christian). Hope warned her little cousin not to let Chloe find an opening where Daniel is concerned.

Meanwhile, Chloe was at Daniel’s, trying to convince him she should move in “for Parker's sake.” After Daniel left, Chloe intercepted a text from Jen proposing the couple meet for a romantic interlude. When Jennifer Rose arrived, she discovered Chloe wearing Daniel's shirt. At this rate, Parker's childhood is going to make Will's (Chandler Massey) look like a family sitcom.