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Taylor Spills Steffy’s Secret to Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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At Eric’s (John McCook) house, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) revealed she feels like she was losing everything. Eric shared he too was struggling for purpose in the aftermath of Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) death.

As he wondered why he should stay in the sprawling Forrester mansion without his beloved, Taylor conveyed her anger at Stephanie. The shrink doesn't understand how Stephanie could have gone over to the dark side, aka the Logans.

Later, Taylor spilled the beans about Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) being pregnant. This woman couldn't hold water even if she'd swallowed a gallon of salt. 

In Paris, Steffy set up a meal with her off-screen dad. She did a video call with Liam (Scott Clifton),  but when he revealed he wasn’t alone she quickly disconnected. 

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Liam told Hope (Kimberly Matula) he wanted to make love to her, but couldn’t because he had to figure some things out. Hope instructed him to ask Steffy to move out, once she returned from Paris. Hope wants to be on the same footing as her rival. I can't wait to see the look on a newly-brazen Hope's face when she learns Steffy's secret means Hope doesn't have leg—or a foot—to stand on. 

Katie (Heather Tom) thanked Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) for trying to make a special night for her and Bill (Don Diamont). Hope arrived later, to drive her mom home, and found Bill and Brooke in an intimate moment. When Hope asked if there was anything going on, Brooke didn’t respond. Hope realized something was in fact happening between Brooke and Bill.