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EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Mathison Dishes Hot in Cleveland, Belle's and All My Children

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Cameron Mathison's work schedule might even make Ryan Seacrest ask how he does it all. The in demand actor and TV personality has more projects going than a New York City urban planner!


Tonight the All My Children alum guests on TV Land's smash hit sitcom Hot In Cleveland; then in February he will appear on the premiere episode of TV One's new laffer Belle's. Currently, he's in Toronto shooting a rom-com with Jennie Garth and has another flick coming out soon for GMC! Is it any wonder he and Prospect Park experienced scheduling difficulties when it came to booking him on their continuation of All My Children?

Don't be too bummed, Ryan Lavery fans. I recently caught up with Mathison for Daytime Confidential  and The Good Morning America correspondent is still hopeful he'll turn up in Pine Valley at some point.

Daytime Confidential: What can you tell us about your character?

Cameron Mathison: First of all, he’s written very funny. Right from the beginning, he cracked me up. He’s the best friend to Valerie’s [Bertinelli] boyfriend’s character. He’s a little bit cocky; he’s a little bit excited about getting named Cleveland’s most eligible bachelor. He’s got a little bit of a quirky thing about him. He’s a word shortener. He kind of does one of those cheesy words like, delicious is now “delish”, and expeditious is now “expidish”; he’s one of those guys. He’s also got an interesting characteristic, he’s only got one testicle! So his nickname is “One Ball Bill” and it becomes a bit of an issue with the girls and the guys. He doesn’t want anyone to know, but they’re talking about it behind his back. It’s kind of funny.


DC: So clearly he is someone you cannot relate to?

Cameron Mathison: [Laughs] Yeah in many ways, I can definitely not relate to this character. Of course not, other than the fact that I remember being on People Magazine’s list of most eligible bachelors and getting a kick out of that back in the day. When of course I was a bachelor, so that’s the only aspect I can relate to! I hope I wasn’t quite as boastful as he was about it. As an actor, you just have to have fun with it. I just found with this particular character, he was so funny on the page that I literally kind of tried to show up and keep it as simple as possible and tried to be as genuine and convincing as possible. It was already funny; I didn’t need to do anything because I was surrounded by some of the best talent in half-hour comedy ever. So I just kind of rolled with it. It was fun and a real treat. I had a good time.

DC: What's it like working with Jane Leeves, Valerie Bertinelli and the legendary Betty White?

Cameron Mathison: Working with all four of them actually, was really fascinating, to watch them. They are so close at this point and so obviously talented, but they are all very, very genuine and down to earth. I’m really a pretty talkative guy in general and pretty outgoing, but on that set I kind of just kept quiet and watched. It was so fun to see them all do their stuff, learning a lot and seeing how the creativity came about. It was really exciting time and I was thrilled to be there.

DC: This role kind of reunites you with Wendie Malick, who did a crossover stint over at All My Children. What was it like working with her? Did you get to work one-on-one with her?

Cameron Mathison: I did all of my one-on-one scenes with Jane. But we did a couple of group scenes where we were all together, so I got to be in a scene with Wendy then. We talked about it, her being on All My Children and working with Susan [Lucci]. I told her I was on the show at that time and I was watching her on the monitor. We didn’t get a chance to meet when she was on. It was a fun crossover. I know she had gone back and forth with Susan on the show and I heard that was very funny.

DC: Speaking of AMC, this past month, news broke that the sudser is heading back into production courtesy of Prospect Park. What are your thoughts on them reviving it once again?

Cameron Mathison: Mostly, I’m excited for the fans. My main reaction is like, a real hats off to the fans for fighting for the show. I know there are so many fans that miss it so much, and I’m so, so, so happy that Prospect Park is doing this for all of them. I think it’s going to be great and it’s also on the cutting edge of I guess the way we watch our shows, original programming for the Internet. I don’t know how it all works, but it’s an exciting time out there. I know a lot of people say that eventually we will be watching everything on the Internet. I think it’s an exciting time for All My Children, One Life to Live, Prospect Park and the fans.

DC: You announced on Twitter, that you weren't sure about being part of the new AMC and you were working on the scheduling. Has Prospect Park reached out to you?

Cameron Mathison: I think I can say they did. They reached out to us and there are certain elements that make it difficult for me now, my schedule, their schedule and location and all sorts of things. It’s not as simple as, “Oh great All My Children is back, I’m going to do it!”  I moved out to Los Angeles with my family and they’re shooting in Connecticut. I spent almost a year and a half since All My Children ended busting my rear end working and getting my career elsewhere, so I sort of have this momentum going that it’s sort of a difficult decision. My heart is in All My Children; it is a huge part of me really. I’m sure at some point I’d love to be part of it. Their schedule, my schedule and the location logistics are not really jiving, but hopefully we’ll work it out and some point I think that’s reasonable. It was such short notice; it just wasn’t really possible…. Maybe it will work out.

DC: So if they were able to work with your schedule or around your schedule, you are interested in going back?

Cameron Mathison: Yeah, I think at some point. Sure, I’ll do it, absolutely. I loved my time on All My Children. I loved my character, everybody I worked with, it was such a fantastic time.

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DC: You've been a really busy bee, with your GMA correspondent job, Hot in Cleveland and you're also doing a guest spot on TV One's newest comedy Belle's. Can you tell me a little bit about the show?

Cameron Mathison: It was such a fantastic time and such a long time ago I shot that episode. I worked with a legendary producer/director, Ed Weinberger. He’s creator of The Cosby Show and so many others. He has this show and I’m actually family! The family has this restaurant. It’s just about family, life and keeping it going and tying it back to history and just a really, really good cast of actors and also serious and traumatic. I’m actually related to the family through a series of coincidences, but they don’t actually see it. There is a misunderstanding as to who I am, as to who my character is. As we did the math, it became clear I’m family. I love that aspect, being tied into the show. They mentioned it was recurring so that would be nice to pop back in and work with all those great people.

DC: What was it like working with Basketball Wives spitfire Tami Roman? Are you a closeted BBW fan?

Cameron Mathison: [Laughs] No, I’m not. You know I don’t want this to come out the wrong way, but I didn’t even know she was on that show when I started working with her. I just saw this beautiful woman who was really talented and funny and thought, “That’s what I’m talking about!” I show up on set and she’s very striking and gorgeous and when we started running the scenes I thought, “Wow, she’s good!” and I was thinking, “I hope they have some budding romance or something out of it. Then I heard later she’s a big star. I’ve seen and heard of her before, but not from Basketball Wives.

DC: What other projects can your fans look forward to this year?

Cameron Mathison: I did an independent film back in the fall called Carriers, but I’m not exactly sure where that will end up. Hopefully that will be put out somewhere some people can see it. I really enjoyed production.  I finished a movie for television for GMC. They are doing a lot of movies. It was a really interesting moving for television. Very different for what you typically see on television; it’s called The Carpenter’s Miracle. I play the carpenter in that and it’s an excellent script and really well directed. I was surrounded by really good talent. I play a conflicted character that saves a boy’s life and in doing so in a since saves his own.  That was a really good experience. I’m also up here in Toronto shooting a movie with Jennie Garth for ABC Family, that’s a romantic comedy. I’ve worked with Jennie many times over the years. She cracks me up and is amazing; another great script and another great comedy.


DC: Even if you wanted to, you can’t do All My Children with the full plate you have and the opportunities you’ve been given!

Cameron Mathison: In between all that, I’m under contract with ABC for Good Morning America. I’m doing fun stuff with them. That’s the thing; it came at a time when I’m busy. In this business as such have our ups and downs as far as how busy we are. In this case, it’s been a busy stretch for me, so right now it’s not going to totally make sense, but like I said, hopefully we’ll have a window where it works for them and works for me. If they’re interested I’d love to show up.

Hot in Cleveland airs tonight at 10/9C on TV Land. Belle's premieres Feb. 1 at 10/9C on TV One.