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Will Nicole and Kristen go to War Over Brady on Days of Our Lives?

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Victor let Brady have it by sarcastically pointing out he was such an impeccable judge of character, and everyone else in Salem must be wrong. Brady (Eric Martsolf) argued that Kristen has changed, and what he shared with her was real.

Kristen and Roman (Josh Taylor) bickered about her motives for the members in his family. She told him she came back to Salem to make amends. Then, she rubbed in the fact Brady had swept her off her feet. 

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Daniel (Shawn Christian) caught Nicole (Arianne Zucker) in the middle of trying to frame Kristen, but she covered before Brady entered the Kiriakis living room. Victor (John Aniston) came into the room in a bad mood, complaining about all the undesirable people coming and going. When Kristen (Eileen Davidson) wasn’t looking, Nicole grabbed her hotel key card.

Later, when Kristen was back at her room, Nicole arrived and told her she thought they had some unfinished business.  Before the women could hash out their differences, Kristen had to go deal with a valet. So, Nicole left, but snuck back into the room to get on Kristen’s computer. Unfortunately for Nicole, Brady arrived forcing her to hide. Trapped in Kristen’s room, Nicole had to listen as Brady and Kristen started to make out.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) continued to complain and scheme about how to stay in Parker’s life. Billie (Lisa Rinna) basically told her to get a grip, but she didn’t seem to listen. In fact, Kate wasn’t in much of a mood to listen to anything Billie had to say, until Billie revealed she was looking for a different job.

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) continued to manipulate Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). She said they shouldn’t be enemies, because there was a child involved.