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Eric’s Memo Makes Taylor Hot to Trot on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Boo, hoo hoo! Thomas (Adam Gregory) was still pouting about Rick (Jacob Young) getting the top job at Forrester. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) told Thomas and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) that going to work in Europe might be a good idea, because it worked for Rick.

Why is Thomas such an annoying, spoiled brat? That question shouldn’t be one of soap’s great mysteries, but it is.

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Brooke and Taylor argued about their sons and then both went running to Eric to plead their case. Brooke told him it would give Thomas good experience. Taylor said this was another case of the Logans winning. Before Taylor could finish her thought, Eric shot off a memo to the company saying he’d promoted Thomas to vice-president of Forrester.  

Eric’s memo excited Taylor so much, she forgot herself and kissed her childrens' grandfather! These two are well on their way to being as repulsive as Victor (Eric Braeden) and Sharon (Sharon Case) were on The Young and the Restless.

Marcus (Texas Battle) and Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) were at a market, when Maya (Karla Mosley) showed up. She wanted to know if Marcus was helping to find her baby. Dayzee said no. Dayzee showed Maya a picture of her baby with the adoptive parents, but admitted it was from a long time ago.

Dayzee tried to convince Maya that her daughter was happy. Maya accused Dayzee of getting a payoff from helping find the baby a home. Could sweet, little Dayzee be a baby broker?