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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis, John and Sam are discussing Lucy, when Kevin shows up out of nowhere. Apparently, he received Alexis' messages, and had to return to Port Charles.

Kevin explains Lucy believed she was a vampire slayer, and had a whole story mapped out in her head. She even thought he had a daughter, Livvie. He was forced to leave Lucy to protect his kids.  Kevin believes Lucy can now get the help she needs.  Alexis is surprised Kevin would leave Lucy this way.  He feels he should step aside, and let the doctors help her.  Alexis thinks he should support his ex-wife.

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Todd calls Connie to find out why there was no newspaper printed today.  She explains his staff wasn’t welcoming to her, but she fixed the issue herself. The Sun will be sent out later than usual with the ELQ story on the cover.  Lucy overhears Todd say he’ll be getting out soon. 

Lucy wants to know, and get in on Todd’s plan to escape.  Todd isn’t interested in teaming up, but Lucy wears him down. He agrees to include her as long as she tells everyone he’s crazy. He plans to fake DID. 

Sonny runs into Tracy and reminds her he can’t get involved in her scheme because of Michael. He advises her to let AJ self-destruct.   Tracy reveals she has taken matters into her own hands, and AJ won’t be CEO for much longer.   Sonny is worried Michael will be caught in the crossfire. Tracy isn't bothered by something happening to Michael in the least bit.

Starr and Michael visit Connie to ask her to drop the charges against Kristina.  Connie refuses, because she has to protect herself.  She mentions Todd being crazy, which catches Starr by surprise.  Connie tells her Todd is in Ferncliff.  Starr heads off to see her father.  

Monica stops by ELQ to congratulate AJ, and warn him that Tracy will not go down without a fight. She also reminds him Michael will need time to adjust to the corporate world. At that moment, Michael arrives, ready for his first day at work. 

Alice meets with Tracy in place of Ned, who had to fly out to check on an ailing Brook Lynn.  Ned left his mother a note, which mentions Heather's comments about the will and Carly possibly having information about another Quartermaine heir. Tracy realizes she needs to stop the ELQ story from coming out.  

Sonny runs into Olivia, and explains what happened between Kristina and Connie.   He thinks Connie is punishing him by not dropping the charges.  Olivia thought things had gotten better between Sonny and Connie, and asks if they kissed.  Sonny admits they’ve connected, and he cares about Connie. However, he's still very much in love with Kate.  

Alison and her son Rafe return to town.  She’s determined to find Lucy, so she can help her protect Rafe.  Alison heads to the PCPD to speak with John, but can't believe her eyes when she sees him. Alison gasps, and calls him Caleb. 

Starr arrives at Ferncliff, just as Todd is showing Lucy his best impersonation of a person with DID. Starr knows he’s pretending to have the disease like he did when she was a kid. She still has the tape of him confessing to it.  Starr wants him to take responsibility for once.  Todd reminds her he spent 8 years being tortured, but she’s angry he protected Johnny and spit on Cole and Hope’s grave.  Starr threatens go to the police with the tape if Todd pretends to have DID.  When the orderly comes to get Todd for his evaluation, she decides she will sit in on it with him.  

Tracy runs to Connie's to stop the presses.  Unfortunately, she's too late, and the story is out.  Tracy claims she’s ruined, and will lose her sons.  Connie promises not to say anything, or reveal Tracy as her source. She feels they’ve become friends.  

AJ gets a call about the article and finds a copy of the paper. He's shocked to see the headline.  Monica is sure Tracy leaked the story, but AJ doesn’t believe it. He’s sure Sonny is responsible, but Michael refuses to believe his father would be behind the story. AJ remembers seeing Sonny meet with Tracy, and decides to find out the truth from Connie.  

Lucy’s sad her chances of leaving with Todd have disappeared.  Suddenly, Kevin arrives, and she’s thrilled to see him. 

Sonny visits Connie again to ask for leniency for Kristina.  Connie refuses to budge on her position, and feels Kris has to pay.  Sonny promises to give her something in exchange, and kisses her. Connie’s angry he thinks he can play her. 

Soon after, AJ arrives and demands to know where Connie got the story.  Connie points to Sonny, and says he gave it to her.