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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Connie lays the blame of sabotaging ELQ at Sonny’s feet. Michael wonders if Sonny hates AJ enough to destroy their family's company. Sonny says Connie is lying, but AJ reminds them that Sonny met with Tracy.  Sonny explains Tracy wanted his help, but he turned her down. He says didn’t want to mess up his relationship with Michael, plus he respected Edward too much to tear down ELQ.


Connie mentions that Sonny kissed her to as a thank you. Michael doesn’t know what or who to believe.  Connie swears she isn’t lying, because she wouldn’t want Sonny as an enemy. She reminds Michael of Sonny kidnapping her.  Sonny swears he didn’t do it, but Michael's convinced he did.  

Alison warns John to stay away from her, despite his claims that he isn’t Caleb.  When Sam arrives, Alison calls her "Livvie". She begs her "best friend" to leave with her.  Sam tries to explain that she isn’t Livive and that John is a cop.  Alison, terrified of John, says she has to find Lucy.  When Sam refuses to go with her, Alison runs out.  

Luke runs into Tracy at Kelly’s and apologizes for not being there when Edward passed.  He points to the newspaper article about money laundering at ELQ and asks if she’s behind it.  Tracy denies it, but Luke says she’d want ELQ to go out with glory rather than bit by bit. Tracy admits she planted the story. She’s certain Connie will keep it a secret, since they bonded. Tracy wants Luke’s help and explains about the possible extra heir.  Luke asks about Jimmy Lee Holt, but Tracy says Edward disinherited him years ago. There's a secret heir out there, someone Carly knows about.  

Britt asks Patrick about Emma, swearing she would never do anything to upset the child.  Patrick wonders if Emma was making it all up.  He asks if Britt gave Emma a reason to run off. Britt lies that it was likely because it was their first time together as a family.  Britt warns Patrick that they need to present a united front, making it clear to Emma that they are together.  

Molly runs into Rafe while babysitting Danny on the docks. He shows her a photo of Lucy and asks about her.  Molly asks if he’s in trouble. Rafe says he’s waiting for his mother to return.  When he asks for the stale bread she was going to feed to the ducks, Molly offers to buy him a meal at Kelly’s and they head there. Rafe talks about the problems his mother has and wanting to be free of her.  The two bond, before Rafe heads back to the docks.

Lucy explains to Kevin that John is really Caleb Morley, King of the Vampires. He's simply hypnotized everyone into believing he's a cop. She tells him that his daughter "Livvie" is in danger. Kevin counters that he doesn’t have a daughter named Livvie.  Lucy says Caleb has made everyone forget. Kevin wants Lucy to get the medical help he's sure she needs.  

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 Lucy begs her husband not to leave her in there.  Kevin says he loves her and wants her in his life, but her delusions have destroyed everything.  Lucy tells him that when people start dying, he’ll have to believe her.  

John and Sam research Alison online and discover she’s from Port Charles. They also find her wedding announcement to marry Rafe. John thinks maybe Lucy put Alison up to this, so that she can be let out of Ferncliff.  Sam decides to pay Lucy a visit. John reminds her that both Todd and Heather are there as well,and to be careful.  

Patrick tells Sabrina that Emma must have been confused. Britt didn’t say mean things to her. Sabrina complains to Liz about Patrick failing to believe his own daughter. The student nurse gets a call informing her Tracy’s check for the ball has been stopped because of the problems with ELQ.  Liz heads out to see AJ. 

Alison heads back to the pier and finds her son's backpack with the metal stake, but no Rafe.  She calls John to meet her at the pier. 

Sonny’s angry with Connie for lying to Michael.  She wants to know why he kissed her and accuses him of manipulating her to get his way.  Sonny says he saw how hurt she was when Trey died and he wanted to support her. This is how she repays him?  Connie says she doesn’t owe him anything.  Sonny says if she keeps acting out, pretty soon no one will be there for her.  

Back at ELQ, Michael is still confused and wonders if Connie may have been lying.  AJ points out that Sonny hates him. He wants his son to focus on rebuilding the Quartermaie legacy with him. AJ feels a bit faint, but reassures Michael he’s fine. After Michael leaves, Liz arrives to find AJ about to collapse on the floor.  

Michael runs into Tracy and Luke and tells them he knows who leaked the story to The Sun. Tracy is delighted when Michael says it was Sonny.  

Britt confronts Sabrina about trying to blame her for Emma’s disappearance.  Sabrina says it’s what Emma told her.  Britt says Patrick now knows that Emma isn’t perfect and that Britt is staying in Patrick’s life. There's nothing Sabrina or the spoiled brat can do about it, she snaps. Britt turns to find Patrick standing right behind her.

Sam asks Lucy about Alison.

Rafe finds his mother dead on the pier. John shows up seconds later.