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Sharon and Dylan Run Into One Another on The Young and the Restless

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Well that didn’t take long. Sharon (Sharon Case)  bumped into Dylan (Steve Burton) in less time than it takes to rattle off the names of her ex-husbands. Sharon apologized for spilling her coffee on him and offered to pay for his dry cleaning, before leaving Crimson Lights.

I could see Dylan and Sharon becoming a popular pairing with fans. That being said, I'm Shadam for life!

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Billy (Billy Miller) talked about her desire to rent the old Restless Style offices. She ended up showing him her designs, which he thought were very good. 

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When Billy returned home, he told Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about Chelsea’s designs. Victoria became upset that Chelsea was staying in Genoa City, but was even less pleased when her son's biological mother arrived at their door to sign the papers to rent the building.

Victor (Eric Braeden) stopped by Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) club looking for Avery (Jessica Collins). Nick told him she was out of town, but would be back in time for his club’s re-opening. Victor said he preferred to talk to her somewhere quiet.

Later, Dylan stopped by and shared a funny scene with Nick. When Dylan mentioned talking to his ex-wife, Nick asked if it was the redhead. Dylan said a blonde, but then asked if there was a brunette ex-wife too. As Dylan was leaving, Nick asked him if he’d tended bar before. By the end of the episode, Nick had hired Dylan.