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Will Kepner Fall for Justin Bruening’s Matthew on Grey’s Anatomy?

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Former All My Children star Justin Bruening made his Grey’s Anatomy debut last week. Pine Valley's most recent Jamie Martin recurs as Matthew, a new love interest for April Kepner (Sarah Drew).

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Drew and Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes, who talked about the men in April’s life.

According to Drew, April appreciates Matthew’s interest in her.

"She's pleasantly surprised to have somebody take an interest in her," Drew told The Hollywood Reporter during a recent visit to the Hollywood set. "I'm not sure that she's looking for anything serious right now. It catches her a little off-guard."

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However,  Rhimes teases that Jackson (Jesse Williams) might have to figure out how he feels when he discovers April and Matthew are dating.

"It's going to be very interesting to see how Jackson feels about the fact that she's dating someone else now. He does seem to be having a fling with Stephanie, who's funny and delightful in her own right, and we'll see what that ends up meaning."

As a fan of Bruening's, I’d love to see a lasting relationship develop between Matthew and Kepner. What do you think of the addition of Bruening to the Grey's cast?