SPOILERS: Will Dylan's Arrival Create Chaos For Nick and Avery On The Young and the Restless?


Nick/Avery/Dylan:The legal eagle attends her boyfriend’s club reopening, and is stunned silly when she sees her former love Dylan. Nick comes over before Avery can get the skinny on why Dylan’s been M.I.A., and tells the war vet Avery is his gal! Later, Nick notices Avery is not herself. She gives Nick a lame excuse, pushing him to mingle with his club guests.

Afterwards, Dylan returns and tries to explain to Avery why he lied about being dead, but she doesn't want to hear it. Even though Avery is livid over Dylan’s deception, she still has feelings for the guy. What does this mean for her relationship with Nick?

Nikki: The socialite confides in Victor about the secret she’s keeping.

Abby: The Naked Heiress returns to Genoa City (Yeah, that’s DC’s Luke you hear screaming kids).

Paul: The gumshoe finally has a showdown with Phyllis over the hit and run.

Michael/Fen/Lauren: The Baldwin’s troubled seed finally reveals he pushed Jamie off the roof. Lauren is flabbergasted by what she hears and refuses to believe her son would do such a thing. Michael has no trouble believing Fen is capable of such violence. Lauren storms out, just as Fen arrives home. 

Michael grills him, but Fen counters by bringing up Michael’s attempted rape of Cricket! Fen lashes out, calling Michael the biggest hypocrite on this side of the Midwest. When Lauren returns, she overhears the father and son's heated discussion. Fen leaves in a huff. Michael and Lauren have yet another shouting match over their son. With Jamie determined to press charges against Fen, Lauren is scared of what Michael will do with Fen.

Cane: The Aussie hustler puts his neck on the line for Chelsea.